Alien: Covenant quick review

Well, I was going to do a full review, but to put it, in a nutshell, I have very mixed feelings about his film.

First off, no you do not need to see Prometheus to really understand what is going on. The film’s main story is pretty simple and easy to follow and if you watched Prometheus you may have a more intimate understanding but given I had not seen Prometheus and was still able to follow demonstrated that watching the previous film is not a necessity.

Now one bright spark of this movie is Michael Fassbender, his performance is very enjoyable. The scene involving David and Walter, both together at several points. Also, I would be very intrigued into how they executed the scenes David and Walter are together and getting the camera to pan around the pair and to make it appear seamless.

The deaths as a whole are pretty gruesome, which is a good thing.  Some are perhaps stupid ways to lead up to them, like splitting up from the group. Or in one case believing the bad guy despite the fact he has already lied to them by saying the facility was safe for them, and then telling the Captain ‘it’s safe and secure’ to look in the egg, idiot.


Saying that though, here come the bad bits. Why investigate a strange planet that looks so good, yet their superiors never noted down as a world for colonisation. Maybe because it isn’t yet the excuse been that they do not want to go back into their pods. Well, that happened because they got hit by rare phenomenon it happens, you move on.

Finally, the aliens, have they devolved, as this is before Alien. Their gestation period after getting a host I thought was 1 day, as from the first Alien movies, not a few hours, the death of the captain seem to take place over that timeframe, possibly quicker. Also, their acid blood has gone through decks on a ship yet can only go through the skin of a human being and be stops by what looked like clingfilm. Come on this stuff can erode a lot of steel it would annihilate the flesh of a Human being.

Overall whilst I did enjoy the film, this is a film you kind of need to switch your brain off to, and given the fact that this film and a possible other have seemingly stopped Neill Blomkamp’s Alien film it does not seem to make up for that fact if you start switching the brain on and see some of the story plot holes and issues with this movie.

Alien film lovers will take issue with this film I feel, but for everyone else, it will a film you can just go see switch your brain and not really think about.


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