Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 3 Review 

Rarely do I see a comedy that allows the characters to learn and move forward in their life and still be just as funny as well as this show has. Season 3 mainly focuses around Kimmy going to college, with some silly but hilarious results, which Kimmy learns about stuff about feminism and making new friends and more importantly what she wants to do with her life, career and in relationships.

Unlike Gretchen, who clearly has not learnt that much from being free in the modern day world, Kimmy is still learning, even through her naivety of the modern day life she still manages to surprise me with her ability to get through anything that life throws at her. 

Titus is still as funny as ever, particularly in his lemonade stint, which I could personally watch another episode on Titus channeling his inner queen bee with fierce attitude. 

This season Titus has come into own as paid performer, something Titus was clearly destined to be. A lot of the characters have also changed a lot this season, Jacquline has now becoming a better more caring person, no longer does she care only about money but for people in her life. Lilian has now got a cause to sink her teeth into and a new man in her life. 

A lot of comedy shows can run out of ideas and become a little stale but this show keeps moving forward with its characters whilst never losing the laughs. It’s shows that a show like this can let their characters come into their own without losing the comedy factor. 


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