Once upon a time season 6,  2 part finale, should it end there? 

I have watched this show from the beginning and I have always thought that this show has a certain sense of charm to it and it was the perfect show to sit and watch with your family. 

The show did have a lot of great seasons, my favourite was the first season, for me the first season had fantastic characters, incredible imagery, and a decent storyline. Other seasons were still just as good but as the series went on the storylines did go a little off base and got quite boring at times but I still like many kept on watching as I loved the characters and I wanted to know how all their stories end. 

New characters who were introduced later on would rarely do so well, like Peter Pan who for me brought very little to the show other than the twist that he is rumples dad and being more annoying than the villain that he was trying to protray, then there was Hades, who was also a pityful villain in season 5. I did try and give the black fairy a chance as she didn’t seem to bad when she was first introduced into the show but as the show got into its final 2 episodes for this season she just become a character that was a Regina wannabe. 

Part 1 of the 2 hour final for season 6 sees Emma in a mental institution where Henry is franticly trying to get Emma to believe in magic and that she is the saviour whilst the black fairy is now mom to Henry and the mayor of storybrooke, scheming to stop Emma from breaking the curse she had casted on the town and all it’s people, which for me was too much like the plot of season 1, barring a few minor differences and without the incredible force that is the evil queen.

Regina does have what the black fairy doesn’t have as a character, and that is the ability to be both evil but also have a good heart, even when she was at her most evil in storybrooke she still cared to Henry and his wellbeing whilst marching on with her plan to keep Emma from breaking the curse and everyone finding out who they really are. Once upon a time does also have the ablilty to make you feel empathy for its villians, like the evil queen and even the wicked witch of the west. It was a show that shows you there is good and evil in everyone and that even a villain can get their happy ending. 

Now let’s talk about this final battle that had been building up since the start of this season. It had everyone woundering who really is in the final showdown?, and does Emma die?, but the big question is will it live up to some of the most epic face offs in once upon a times history like Zelena vs The Evil Queen in season 3, or Emmas and rumples sword fight in season 4, or even hooks and rumpled duel back in season 2. Sadly this fight felt like they had built it up to more than what it really was, and although some of the fight scenes between Gideon and Emma did look quite impressive, and the black fairy finally got her commupence in the end, I still felt a little robbed of how epic that final battle could of been. Now only that the scene in which Henry kisses Emma and she survives a blow to the chest from a sword all because of true love was too predictable, come on once upon a time, haven’t we seen that before? 

Obviously it was nice to see all the beloved characters get their happy ending but I am confused about how does that work for season 7? As we all know Emma swan, Henry, Belle, Prince Charming and Snow White will all not be returning for the new season so what does that mean for Emma and hook?, or rumple and belle? Both couples have all been through a lot already which means this happy ending for the season 6 finale much more puzzling than it should be. Personally I think it should of ended there and it felt like an ending to me, with everyone with their happy endings. I will watch the new season , purely out of curoisty to where they will take the new season minus some of it’s original characters, but I am concerned about the fate of this show, will it even get past one more season or is this reboot just what the show really needs? 


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