Brooklyn Nine Nine series 4

Have you been watching Brooklyn Nine Nine? well you should, trust me it is easily one of the best comedy’s in recent years, easily eclipsing the now very disappointing Big Bang Theory (a show that use to be good but is now past its sell-by-date) and yet Brooklyn Nine Nine doesn’t seem to get as much praise as it deserves.

Series 4 started with Jake and captain Holt in witness protection, living in Southern Florida under the aliases “Greg and Larry” next door neighbours with nothing in common. Over the last few seasons Brooklyn Nine Nine has shown it’s ability to create a world that isn’t just a typical case of the week workplace sitcom that just happens to be set in and about American police officers. So for the forth series to start with a “Coral Palms” trilogy it was a huge task for a show that could of easily been just Andy Samberg doing wacky cop things.
The humour is very much still with the series, with stand out moments being Jake getting a job at Frank’s Fun Zone simply because he lied on his resume and the moment that Jake get’s run over by a go-kart in the most funny way possible.
As much as Brooklyn Nine Nine deviates from the standard premise with this episode it understands it’s characters to know that it can’t and shouldn’t keep them away from it for too long.


After the end of the “Coral Palms” trilogy episodes the big selling point for the following episode was the crossover event with New Girl, which it managed to do very well and without allowing the crossover gimmick to stop it from being a real episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine, it was funny and very well put together very much like Brooklyn Nine Nine in general.

Series 4 carries on very much like previous series, it’s characters are very engaging, the show is very well written and most of all it is absurdly funny with moments that make me laugh out loud like the moment that Captain Holt reveals he “already has a tattoo” which sends Jake into a moment that has some of the most funny facial expressions i have seen or the moment that Jake has his hair shaved by Gina and suddenly realises just how bad it is.


Brooklyn Nine Nine is the best work place comedy on TV, i for the life of me don’t understand why it’s so underrated with some of the best characters and easily the best one-liners i have ever heard. As long as the Brooklyn Nine Nine writers understands the core of their show and the humour of the characters i can’t see why the series shouldn’t continue for many more series and still manage to be the funny yet likeable show it is today.


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