Big little lies review 

This latest hit mini series starring reese witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and shailene woodley based on the book with the same name by liane moriaty is a show that is conpleying and very addictive watch. 

I was very excited to see this book, which I very much enjoyed reading come to life on the small screen and it didn’t disappoint me. 

Reese Witherspoon is magnificent as Madeline Martha Mckenzie, the busy bee mom, who is strong and inpendent but with insecurities that seem to flare up the most around her ex husbands new carefree wife bonnie. She is also a woman who isn’t afraid to tell people exactly what she thinks of them. Then there is Jane, a young single mother, who is struggling to cope with her son being singled out and falsely accused of bullying Annabelle. She is victim of sexual abuse who moves to the town to start a new life with her son, ziggy. The scenes with her and ziggy are very sweet, you can tell she would do anything to protect her child and is a loving mother, and finally there is Celeste, who to the outside world seems to have it all, a loving husband and father to two beautiful boys, but in reality she is the victim of domestic abuse. Nicole does give a standout performance and I couldn’t picture anyone else playing the troubled Celeste. 

The friendship between Madeline, Celeste and Jane is great to watch, you really do believe that they are friends, friends that all have their own secrets and lies.

One of the biggest messages that I got from watching big little lies is that all keep secrets and lies to keep up apprenrances to the outside world, whether that’s by putting on a fake smile on your face to hide your inner sadness or by over exaggerated your life to other people. Some lies that you tell are bigger than others like Celeste, who secrets and lies are the biggest, telling everyone how perfect her husband is but he is far from perfect. In fact he is a manipulating violent abusive man. Some people watching this could say why does celeste just leave him when he abuses her like that but in a situation like Celeste is in she believed that he would change and was determined to keep her family together, even getting perry to go couples counselling. Madelines secret was her affair with Jospeh, again to the outside world she seemed happy and content with her marriage to her loyal husband ed when yes she does love ed, but at times seemed bored with the loveable but slightly dull ed, and everyone, including Madeline can make a mistake. It’s a mistake that she has to live with. 

That leads me to the final episode where you see the terror on janes face when she sees Celestes husband for the first time, its very clear that perry is the monster that raped her and is the father to her son. A lot of people who have read the book will know how this story ends, and from watching the very first episode you know that a murder has occurred, as there is a lot of flashback scenes in which you see a crime scene in which you do not see the victim but it’s clear that something bad happened and that someone is dead. There are also lots of scenes in which people are being asked about the events leading up to the charity event where someone will meet their end. 

Big little lies is a captavating watch and as a mini series I have not seen a series so put together like this since the first series of true dectective. There are rumours of another series but personally I think they should leave it as it is. The series should stand alone as a thrilling emotinally charged series with great performances from all its stars and to not make the same mistake as true dectective did and give us another series which was not really needed. 


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