TV Shows That Should Be Renewed

It’s that time of year again when people start looking to see if their favourite TV shows are going to be renewed or if they are going to axed from our screens forever. Here are the top 5 TV shows that i think SHOULD be renewed, this is just my personal opinion nothing has been confirmed or denied so far (as of the 4th May 2017).


1. Brooklyn Nine Nine 

It should go without saying that this very funny TV series should be renewed for series 5, while at it Fox should also renew it for series 6 as well, easily the funniest show on TV at the moment!


2. The Blacklist

While this current series (4) has been slow, it has also been very informative with secrets and more questions been answered, is Red the father of Lizzy? will Mr Kaplin take Red down? there are more questions that need answering and while it’s very possible these questions can be answered by the end of it’s current series, it would not hurt NBC to renew the Blacklist for a fifth series, i feel like the overall game plan is far from over.


3. Trollied

A British sitcom that is set inside a supermarket and is in fact the only sitcom to have been set inside a supermarket. The series is funny with some truly rememberable characters and is well deserving of being renewed by Sky.


4. Plebs

The very funny ITV series that is set in ancient Rome is another comedy that is well deserving of a renewal if only to see what antics Grumio can get up to.


5. Born to Kill

Even tho this is a 4 part drama series and is unlikely to be a returning series i really think that Born to Kill could make a great TV drama series with potential for multiple renewals, with a great cast and brilliant characters i just had to add this to the list.


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