Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 review

Well an entertaining, thoroughly enjoyable film. I could use those words if I wanted to. But it would be so boring and drab to do so,and would not sum up how I feel about this movie. So instead I will use other words that do. Some good and yes, some that are bad.




Let’s start off with the bad, and for me, the one thing that did almost nibble away at me was this movie was just lacking that something from the first movie. The moment of togetherness, or to put it another way the group was apart for pretty much the majority of the movie. Now yes they are going to be apart so they can all forge their own personalities and that we as an audience can get to know them. But when they are together as a group the one part that the first film was spot on with was how they bounce off of each other so well, and we do not get that as a whole group too often within this movie.

Yet again we have been given a villain that has been given a lack of feeling towards. In no part of this movie did I ever feel like I actually gave a monkeys about the villain. This for me has been where marvel has, time and time again got it wrong. Except for Loki, none of the villains have had any sort of character depth to them. So when the guardians beat him, you do not care. It feels like a process of next villain please until hopefully we get to Thanos and the big bad guy turns up to finally add some spice to the villain catalogue that marvel has brought to us so far.

Final thing are those after credit cut scenes, yes there are 5 but 3 maybe even 4 of them are pretty much a waste of time, and add no more to MCU or fail to add any spice to any future films.



If you enjoyed the first movie you will enjoy the this too, and probably just as much. Yes we do not get the whole group togetherness as much, but we do still get the humour, which does exist through the entire movie, less so later on but it is still there. The group, despite split still is enjoyable to watch and to see how they progress throughout the movie. It is that enjoyment of the characters, well, more importantly, the heroes of the story, the way as I mentioned before that they bounce off each. I just wish they can do this to more villains besides Loki.

The story is very enjoyable it is paced well it gives all the major players time to show themselves off as characters. All this culminates in the ending, that will probably have marvel fanboy and girls crying away. But it is a necessity within the story to add that sense of danger to what they are doing. Something that I would love to see more often and sprinkled around more in more superhero movies, just to add that sense of danger.

Finally, to get the humour right in a movie like this you need good actors and actresses to perform the roles. On the whole, it works, as it did in the first. The opening title sequence was a joy to watch, the bickering and in intense fight scenes adds an extra dimension to the scenes and stops them from been predictable same old same old superhero movie scenes, that we have all seen before.


Ultimately this movie, as long as you enjoyed the first, is well worth the watch. If you did not like the first, then maybe not as it is pretty the same as the first.

If you enjoy your superhero movies I would easily recommend this movie. But yet again marvel cannot deliver a villain on par with DC who have the joker, riddler, Darkseid, reverse flash, brainiac, and many more villains with deep and engaging character depth that as soon as they are mentioned to be in a movie people are intrigued from the start. Marvel have these character held within their comics but they are not been relayed onto the big screen, besides Loki.


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