The 60s fashion in mad men 

Please take note that these are just my personal favourite outfits from the show so you may find that not all outfits will be included on this list. 

Season 1

  • Don Drapers grey suit

This tailored grey suit with a crisp white shirt, pocket square and tie had become a staple piece of all don draper’s looks on the show, as he was never seen without a suit on at work as always knows how to wear the heck of a simple assemble like a tailored suit. His suits are always simple yet he still seems to stand out from all the rest of the mad men as he wears every suit with a lot of confidence.

  • Rachel’s gold two piece with leopard print blouse

Rachel is wearing a gold suit with a leopard print blouse, complete with some gold jewellery. It certainly seems an easier way to wear leopard print without it looking tacky. It was the 60s that Chanel introduced a more fitted silhouette with smaller shoulders and more narrow sleeves making the classic suit less boxy.

  • Betty’s gardening look

Here Betty is wearing a yellow blouse with plaid trousers with a pair of white vintage sunglasses. There is always something effortless about the way Betty dresses that even when tending her garden she still looks perfectly put together. She is the perfect all-American housewife. In the early 60s, they introduced sleeveless blouses and plaids became very popular.

Season 2

  • Peggy’s check dress

This is one of my favourite looks that Peggy wore as it’s simple, feminine and looks vintage. It’s the perfect outfit to wear for working at an office all day. This dress is frilly and also a very fitted dress with complete with the classic look of the early 60s, pearls and red lipstick.

  • Betty’s horse riding outfit

Betty’s beige coat, cashmere jumper, Hermes inspired scarf with leather gloves complete with pearls makes this outfit seem casual yet still very sophisticated, classic Betty draper.

  • Bobbie Barrett’s gold brocade cocktail dress

This gold brocade dress brings in the waist and is a flattering fit and seems like the dress you would wear if you wanna look glamorous for a night out on the town whilst also channelling your inner Brigitte Bardot.

Season 3

  • Betty’s Italy outfit

Yet another example of how classy Betty’s dresses. She is one of favourite fashion icons of the show, often compared to grace Kelly, she is always dressed in such beautiful clothes and always so chic. This look is very much like Audrey’s Hepburn’s style in the iconic movie breakfast at tiffany’s.

Season 4

  • Trudy’s silk wool cocktail dress

This is the dress that Trudy wears for the office Christmas party. From the bejewelled cuffs and neckline to the dress A-line skirt is clear that Trudy is a character that likes to keep on track of the latest trends.

  • Peggy’s floral dress

Peggys come a lot way since her frumpy outfits in season 1, she become more feminine and girly and this floral dress yet another vintage girly ensemble by another one of my favourite style icons in this show.

Season 5

  • Megan’s little black dress

Every girl needs a least one great little black dress in her wardrobe and this black shift dress with bell sleeves is one I would love to own. It’s sultry and flirty without looking at all distasteful.

  • Dons plaid sports jacket

Standing next to Pete and ken, don reluctantly wears the plaid sports jacket chosen by his wife. This is true 1960’s fashion at its finest.

  • Megan orange zig zag coat with shift dress

Megan isn’t one of my favourite characters in the show but this girl sure knows how to work an outfit, and pulls off yet another retro-inspired look with class. It was the late 60s where prints and colours got a lot bolder and brighter and the hippie trend becomes a big thing.

Season 6

  • Sylvia floral off the shoulder dress

Not the best character in the show, she was at times very boring but I have to say I am a fan of this dress. It’s cute and the boat neckline gives the dress an added sexiness without showing off too much skin. I might not have put those accessories with it, with such a beautiful floral print like that one I much prefer to let the dress be the main focus.

  • Bettys floral blouse with denim shorts and yellow gown

Two separate looks, one casual, bobby’s another one glamorous and elegant yet Betty still manages to pull them both off beautifully. This casual look that Betty wears this at bobby’s summer camp is where we see Betty return back to her fabolous self and her yellow formal gown is certainly Betty back to her classy self.

Season 7

  • Megan’s blue mini dress

Megan’s beautiful blue mini dress that she wore when she meets up with don in la is a style that was very popular in 1968 and is a look that model twiggy make popular back in the late 60s with her short boyish hairstyle and short dresses designed by Mary quant.

  • Peggy’s finale look

Watching Peggy strut down that hallway wearing a cute check dress with buttons for her first day at her new job at McCann Erickson shows how far Peggy has come as a character, no longer is she in the shadows of the mighty don draper, she has become a star all on her own and she looks completely badass. She now longer cares what any man thinks of her, and is feeling. Completely in control of her own destiny, you go Peggy!

All these fantastic 60s looks were created by talented costume designer Janie Bryant.

There were so many gorgeous looks I could pick from all 7 seasons of mad men, there are a few more looks I will mention that also stood out to me like Sally’s drapers go go boots look in season 5, Joan’s red dress for the office Christmas in season 4 and Jane Cleopatra inspired look in season 5.


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