Neon demon review

Based on the cutthroat world of modelling in LA, in walks, Jesse, a young 16-year-old girl wanted to make it big in the fashion industry. People are instantly Captivated by her beauty and the claws are out as the other bitchy and superficial models can clearly see her potential to become a star. Jesse has got what they don’t have anymore, in which no amount of plastic surgery can replicate, and that’s true beauty with a youthful appearance.

In the second half of the movie jesse starts to come out of her shell a bit more as we see her go from a shy vunerable girl to a powerful confident woman, frame by frame her confidence grows which only consumes the other girls with envy and their desire to be the best.

Keanu reveves is also in this movie, he plays the pervetted jerk who is the motel manager in which jesses stays. He is only used a bit in the film but does a good job in his role, but it’s the make up artist ruby who seemed to steal every scene she is in. She has a very creepy persona about her and the way she smiles at jesse. She seems at times to be just being nice and at other times she seems infatuated with her , almost very poccesive at times. That’s when she becomes even more weird when she is rejected by jesse and that’s when then see the scene with ruby and a women’s corpse in a morgue and things keep even more disturbing. It also what seals the fate of jesses and her brutal and gruesome end.

The neon demon certainly isn’t the most original film I have ever seen as we have seen a lot of other films that deplict the shallowness of la and the fashion industry but I do admire its bold and colourful cinemotrophy and every single shot was visually stunning.


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