What’s Wrong With Samsung?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has barely been announced, and yet there is an issue with the device, granted it isn’t even on the same scale as the problems they had with exploding Note 7’s from last year. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has removed the fingerprint reader and opted to put it on the back of the device……right next to the camera, and with the scanner that close it’s been suggested that the phone’s camera has a tendency to become overrun with image-depleting grubby fingerprints.


What makes it even worse is that Samsung are aware of the issue and their solution is to install a pop-up warning when using the camera. According to those who have had early access to the device, when launching the camera app regularly the user will see a warning that reads “A clean lens makes for better shots. Clean your camera leans to keep taking better pictures” This is the first time such as warning has appeared on any Samsung phone.

Seriously? Samsung’s answer to the problem is to install a pop up that tells users to clean the device, why wasn’t this brought up when the device was being designed? and why are Samsung so Blasé about an issue that could be very frustrating for users? this is my issue with Samsung devices and one of the reasons that every year Samsung attempt to release a device that they want to be an “iPhone killer” but they never are. Samsung do not sweat the small details, and yes to give credit where it’s due the S8 does look nice with less bezels and an OLED screen, but where Samsung let themselves down is both in software (TouchWiz has always been terrible) and lack of attention they give, had they put more than a moment of thought into the S8 Samsung would of realised that the fingerprint reader should not of been put anywhere near the camera, instead they now offer a work around to users in form of a pop up. Bad move Samsung, very bad move.
but this isn’t the first time that the S8 has been hit with issues. Despite not having even been released to consumers, the phone’s facial recognition software has already been called into question. After the devices formal announcement a video appeared online that showed the face tracking unlock tool being fooled by a simple photograph of the user, such a security issue could allow anyone to gain access to the device and all personal and private information. Hopefully this will be fixed in time for consumer release.


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