iZombie series 3


“My boyfriend is dead. I shot him in the head four hours ago. The only thing holding mer together if that i’m rolling on the stoic brain of a solider of fortune. But then, turns out we have all had a hellish night” Liv Moore says opening up the first episode of series 3

“Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother” picks up exactly where the climactic series 2 left off. Liv, Major and Clive are sorting things out with Fillmore Graves while at the same time Blaine, Peyton and Ravi are trying to explain the whole Boss shootout (while also sorting out the mess that is the awkward love triangle) to a cop. Most of this episode was about some very much needed wrap-up from the killer series 2 finale.

Liv, Major, Ravi, Clive and Peyton all gather at Liv’s apartment putting all their cards on the table (while catching viewers up a very long year’s break). The team has been left with a choice: join or die. Liv and team know very little about Philmore Graves motives, a visit later in the episode clears that up (they are preparing for a D-Day style where humankind finds out about zombiekind.) We even find out that they have their own island and private army.

Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother

Understandably it is Clive who is the most difficult to convince, after all it has not been that long since he found out that the person he was working with (ie Liv) is in fact a zombie that eats the brains of murder victims and that is how she helps him catch the bad guys. At this point it seems that Clive is handling the whole zombie thing very well. In fact one of the best parts of the series premiere comes in the from of Live and Clive’s relationship, i have always wondered when he would find out and how he would handle it, luckily it wasn’t dragged out for too long and the answer was given at the end of series 2. Clive finding out that Liv is a zombie has already started paying off, for example when Liv’s zombie brain starts wearing off and she starts feeling sad about the murder of her boyfriend Drake, it’s Clive who she breaks down to and it’s Clive who tells her “he was already dead” with that takes her out drinking and reminds her that “if you hadn’t done what you did, i would be dead” throughout series 1 and 2 it is clear that iZombie does friendships and relationships (male – female friendships in particular) better than most other shows on television. It’s nice to see that Clive and Liv still have that friendship even after he found out her biggest zombie secret.


Then there is Blaine and his increasingly involved relationship with Peyton, which came to a bloody culmination during a shootout with Mr Boss’s gang at the end of the last series. Mr Boss has left the country while Blaine is still dealing with his memory loss (or is he?) it’s still not clear whether he is in fact faking the amnesia, and this episode further muddles his motivations when confronted and threatened by Don E, during which a glimmer of the old Blaine shows through. Blaine’s (played by David Anders) villainous side is always particularly enjoyable to watch.

Even tho Payton and Ravi are no longer dating, there are still issues which are more obvious when Ravi find out that Payton and Blaine kissed earlier that night, after some teenage tantrums and Ravi at the morgue Payton calls Ravi but he refuses to answer the phone causing Peyton to call Blaine which on turn seems to be pushing her more and more towards Blaine. With the whole Peyton, Blaine and Ravi triangle i get that feeling it will not end well for someone and i have a feeling that someone will be Ravi and potentially Peyton.


The series 3 opening episode leaves me craving more episodes like zombies craving brains. It is clear that Liv Moore continues to be a great leading character, played by Rose Mcliver who is doing a great job at bringing the undead to life. That’s not to say that the other characters are not good, in fact it’s the opposite, the cast is strong and create a show that entertains with drama, humour and shocking moments, leaving audiences wanting more. Series 3 has started off strong and i look forward to seeing what’s to come with the entire series 3.

Series 3 of iZombie has now started on Netflix here in the U.K with the first 2 episodes as well as the first and second series.


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