Beauty and the beast review

Beauty and the beast is Disney’s latest live action film alongside some of its most recent live action hits like cinderella and jungle book and it’s a tale as old as time.

There have been a few changes from the original animated version, the main plot is still the same but they have added a few new songs and a backstory to the beast and what happened to belles mother, but the true sentiment is still there, that beauty really is skin deep.

Emma Watson, in my opinion, did do an amazing job as belle, she has the same warmth, kindness and the compassion of belle, one of the main reasons why belle is such a beloved Disney character. Luke Evans also does a brilliant job as the vain pompous Gaston. I did laugh quite a few times at Gastons bold and shameless behaviour in his quest to make belle his wife. You also have the motherly Mrs Potts played by Emma Thompson with her adorable son chip, but my favourite household item characters were by far Cogsworth and Lumiere, although the look of them left me with a bit of an uneasy feeling they still managed the capture the magic of this dynamic duo, whose personalities couldn’t be more different to each other yet still somehow works.

A lot of songs are hit and miss for me as I do feel like some of the new songs play down the integrity of the story of belle and the beast and seemed like they are songs that are just not needed, be our guest made me feel very nostalgic but there is one song in particular that literally gave me goosebumps and it was the moment I saw belle walking down those stairs towards the beast in that stunning yellow dress and the song beauty and the beast starts I felt like a kid again, watching it for the first time and loving such a beautiful story, and it was one of my favourite Disney songs as a kid.

Overall I really did enjoy watching this movie and I really do think it’s as good as the original, even with all its new songs. It’s a movie I will be buying when it is released as I do enjoy a movie that you I can shut off and really escape into, it’s like a really good book that you never want to put down.


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