Stranger things pop vinyls at HMV 

Stranger things has become an overnight success for Netflix and was one of my favourite original Netflix shows from last year alongside Jessica jones and orange is the new black. I loved how’s this show creates show a creepy and scary atmosphere with 80s retro nostalgia.

Yesterday I was in Birmingham with Emmy partner, my son and my friend when I spotted HMV’s selection of all things strangers things and needless to say I was a little excited, especially since I just started collected pop vinyls and stranger things pop vinyls were on the top of my list of pop vinyls to get. 

Their choice of pop vinyls included underwater eleven, upside down will, demogorgon, eleven, barb, Lucas, Dustin, and Joyce. I brought eleven, as I unfortunately only had enough to get one as eleven is my favourite character, and I can’t wait to see her in the new season in October.  So if you like me and you love collecting these and you stranger things is your thing then I definitely suggest heading down to your nearest HMV to pick up a pop vinyl of one of the coolest shows around right now, they even have Barb, and there is me thinking everyone had forgotten about her. 


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