Quick first impressions at the Apple Store in Birmingham 

I have to say I am loving the new layout of the Apple Store, it is so much more spacious  and is now a place I like to go whenever I’m in Birmingham , even if it’s just to have a look. Here at some of my quick first impressions at some of the things I looked at Apple Store yesterday, they won’t be in great detail as I’m no technological expert, that usually why I ask my partner rob, for advice whenever choosing anything new technology wise. 

Red IPhone 7

The red is a very striking colour and the iPhone 7 does have some great features compared to my iPhone 6s. It has 2 speakers which makes listen to music easier, and you don’t even need a Bluetooth speaker, especially when it’s on full volume. It also has a fantastic camera with optical image stabillisation and a six optic lens that even in the lowest of lighting would still produce crisp clear  photos. 

MacBook Pro Theres one thing I noticed about the MacBook Pro is that the touch bar is very handy and makes doing tasks much more easier and quicker. The one problem I have with the MacBook Pro is the price, at a price of £2000 it is quite a steep price tag for a device that unless you really need is a lot. 

 iPad Pro

I did enjoy using the pen for the colouring app and the iPad Pro would be perfect for anything like stetching or even if you are writing anything on the go. It’s does seem like the perfect device for anyone into design. 


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