13 reasons why season 1 review 

A young girl named Hannah has committed suicide and has left behind 13 cassette tapes with the details that could expose all the people in her life that have hurt her. All 13 people who receive those 13 tapes have to listen to what they did to Hannah and forcing them to think about their actions and if they could have caused Hannah to resort to suicide.

13 reasons why isn’t an easy watch but it’s a very honest one about bullying and the effects that bullying can have on a person and how people are sometimes oblivious to hurt they cause by their actions or the words they use. It doesn’t shy away from the fact that people in Hannah’s life never noticed how low she felt and that if they did could they have saved her. I really feel for Hannah’s parents who did nothing but love their daughter and are left desperately trying to find the answers to why their only child decided to end her life and why they couldn’t save her.

Life can be so cruel sometimes and I do understand why school can be the hardest place to be when your not the popular one, that’s why you need good friends around you, ones that are always there for you, which unfortunately for Hannah it seemed the people who she thought were her friends abounded her when she needed them the most, making Hannah feel even more alone.

Some of the scenes are so difficult to sit and watch as each part of the puzzle of what happened to Hannah is revealed the more you see how much this girl has really suffered and watching it makes me really want clay to just tell her how he really felt about her so that she wouldn’t feel like she was on her own. Clay really did love her but was just too afraid to tell her, till it was too late but what I did admire about clay is how he took down everyone who did her wrong, even though he had all these questions at the back of his mind like ‘why did I receive these tapes?’ ‘What did I do to hurt her?’ ‘Was I the reason for her committing suicide? , and even why they tried their best to stop him from revealing all their secrets.

13 reasons why deals with so many difficult subjects such as bullying, sexual assault, depression and so many other things that can lead a person to such a dark place. We could all learn a lot from Hannah’s story like how we could all treat each other a lot better, be kind to others and to not ignore a person in need.



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