How to get away with murder season 3 review (major spoilers)

Be aware before you read this review that it does contain big spoilers of season 3.

This season is in two parts , the first part is all about who Annalise sees in a body bag after a fire erupts at her house and the second part is about finding out who murdered the intended victim.

This season is still full of twists and turns like the other two seasons and contains one shocker of a death, that even I didn’t expect.    and i am still in shock that they killed off a main character. Wes was one of my favorite characters alongside Annalise. Wes brought out a softer side to Annalise and she seems so lost this season without him. I also noticed that Connor seems a little more out of his depth, at one point he was even displaying charastics of a psychopath , there was no emotion when he heard of Wes death, and I know those two never really saw eye to eye when he was alive but unlike all the others like Michaela and Asher, who also never were Wes biggest fans, actually showed emotion unlike Connor who just stood there with no emotion on his face, even saying at one point, I feel nothing. It is explained later on the season why Connor is behaving in such a odd manner. It’s poor laurel who really feels it the most out of the group of law students as she has fallen in love with Wes and is also pregnant with his child which makes it all the more sad that the person responsible for the death of the love of her life is no other than her own dad who had hired someone to take out Wes. 

I’m pleased that Oliver was included a lot more in this season, he brings a nice balance to the group and why wouldn’t they need a brillant computer hacker like Oliver. 

Overall it is a very good season to a show which continues to surprise me and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for season 4. 

Rip Wes, your character will be sorely missed.


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