All Round To Mrs Browns Review


If you’ve watched the very funny BBC sitcom Mrs Browns Boys you will be familiar with the concept and the characters, if however you haven’t had the pleasure i recommend you give the series a watch.

All Round To Mrs Browns Boys seems to have gone down very well with viewers, having started last Saturday (25th March) we join Mrs Brown along with her usual family (Buster, Dermot, Cathy, Maria and Grandad) however the format delves into a chat show but still keeps it’s sitcom and comedy element, Brendan O’Carroll’s much loved character made a very funny jump into the classic Saturday night entertainment, with celebrity guests and participation from the audience with segments like Mammy Of The Week and a bizarre but funny cooking section with chef Aly Mahmoud. James Blunt made an appearance along with Pamela Anderson and Judy Murray. The same funny and witty humour is at the forefront of the show with lines such as “your invited to join me and my family friends and neighbours for an evening of crack, that’s Irish crack not the stuff you put up your nose”

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.59.00

Each character has their own aspect to the show such as Cathy’s showbiz blog where she interviews famous guests (Pamela Anderson and Judy Murray) these are the new aspect to the show along with the audience participation, in this episode we saw Mammy Of The Week where a member of the audience nominated their mother, and she was selected to participate in the game which was like a human piñata of knocking stars of of Buster Brady (played by Danny O’Carroll) and winning prizes.

One of the most funniest moments is when Mrs Brown is talking to James Blunt “I don’t know why everyone thinks your a wanker” she says with laughter from the audience and just about everyone on set. It’s that same humour coming from Brendan O’Carroll that makes this new format a familiar and welcoming site.

the introduction is given by Mrs Brown (Aka Brendan O’Carroll) and there is still a story element that mixes with the chat show element add some celebrity guests and it’s as funny as it sounds. If the series can keep up with the humour, the brilliant characters and the celebrity guests who seem to enjoy themselves on the show then i think All Round To Mrs Browns will be just as funny and just as popular as the original BBC One Series Mrs Browns Boys.

I look forward to seeing the second episode which will be on BBC 1 Saturday 1st April at 9:15pm.


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