This is us season 1 review 

If you haven’t already watched or at least heard about this hit new tv show then you will understand why it has become an overnight success and heres why, this is us is a character driven show with very likeable characters, this is a show with a big heart and really represents a true loving family in which you do become attached to from the moment you see them. The first scenes of this is us shows Rebecca trying to dance whilst very heavily pregnant for her husband, jack for his birthday when all of a sudden her waters break. Tragically they lose thier third child in labour and I’m not ashamed to say I cried a lot wathching those scenes, those scenes in which jack is told by the doctor that one of his triplets didn’t make it and when you see him tell his wife what had happened are absolutely heartbreaking to watch. That’s when we get to see little Kevin and Kate and we find out they have adopted baby Randall, who was left at a fire station by his father.  There are so many great scenes in this show that I can mention, like when Kate meets the lovable Toby at weight loss support group and they begin to fall in love with each other and although the two have thier issues thier relationship feels so real and they are so sweet together.  I also loved the scene where Randall brings home his biological father, william, home to his wife and kids after searching for him his whole life, but sadly his father is very sick with cancer. It’s so tragic to know that jack won’t get to see what his kids that he was devoted to, won’t get to see what they have become as adults. There are so many theories going around online on how they think jack meet his demise but it not yet to be answered this season on how that happens. It’s amazing to see what the pearsons family are like when they are born, when they are young to what they are like as adults. Its like you Watching ever part of thier life as a family and I cannot wait to find out more about the pearsons in season 2. 


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