Should you buy the Apple AirPods?

Apple’s AirPods were announced alongside the iPhone 7 in September of 2016, they were later delayed but have not been available for a couple of months. At £159 they may leave some people wondering if they are worth the price tag. The AirPods look like a traditional pair of earbuds if they were cut off just below the bud, some people would say that it’s a weird look (kind of like the detachable head from an electric toothbrush sticking out of your ear) and while that may be true it is a very small price to pay for the technology that is packed into them and the advancements they bring to the table.


It seems that a lot of people like the AirPods, weeks after the launch they saw the largest single day sales of headphones in 2016 even beating out Black Friday. Now the first thing that everyone asks (even i did at the time of buying them) do they stay in your ears? your mileage may be different but most people (myself included) seem to find them pretty solid on this front. I personally have found that they stay in while running, jumping, walking and just about any other activity you are likely to do while listening to music. They are essentially the same design as the EarPods that come with an iPhone, however because there are no wires pulling on them down or otherwise restricting their movement the AirPods stay in your ears while the EarPods are more likely to fall out. For me personally the AirPods are comfortable to wear and easy to remove but if i was to nit pick i could say that they could be a little more snug, it is also pointing out that there isn’t any physical controls on the actual AirPods themselves you are going to be changing your volume and skipping tracks with your iPhone or by tapping on the AirPod’s and asking for Siri to do it for you.


The AirPods very cleverly come with a charging case that is very small and hardly takes up any room at all (think about a small pack of dental floss) the case also extends the time away from charging. The AirPods are good for five hours themselves, but you can put them into the case which will then charge them using quick-charging technology, the case itself lasts for around 24 hours before it needs charging, personally i use my AirPods most of the day pop them back into the charging case to top them up and it’s usually 2 or 3 days before i even have to charge the case itself (which charges quickly when plugged into the mains). A look at the built in LED will show you real time feedback on the battery life of the AirPods, green is full battery, orange and finally red which means you’ll need to put them on charge soon. You can also glance at the widget on your iPhone (which connects the AirPods via bluetooth) which will give you real time update on the battery life of each AirPod and the case itself, allowing you to easily manage the battery life.


The AirPods case is easy to carry around fitting into a jeans pocket is simple which means it’s very easy to carry around with you (unlike some of the competitors such as Samsung). The best thing about it is that you can flip open the lid and a Bluetooth connection will automatically be initiated with your iPhone (assuming you have IOS 10 or later) This auto paring is very impressive and easily beats any of the competitors on the market at the moment. Another impressive feature is that once they are connected to your phone for the first time, they should also automatically connect to any of your other IOS devices running IOS 10 or even Mac’s running macOS Sierra, thanks to iCloud syncing. The range of the AirPods is also very impressive, i can leave my phone upstairs at home, go down stairs and make a cup of coffee all the time playing music or taking a phone call this is one of the things i enjoy and use the most.

Overall the AirPods are a great wireless pair of Earbuds, at £159 some may consider them expensive but for the convenience they offer by cutting the wires i personally think they are worth the price tag they carry.


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