The Strain Season 3 Review

Well it’s late, but the saying better late than never could be used to sum this up in some way. Why, well given season 2 was not really an enjoyable season until Quinlin turns up it makes watching season 3 give you worries in your tummy and so I never really got around to watch it until, well very recently. But let’s get started.




I think the first bad, and the real big blot on the whole season is Zach. The kid comes across as this needy, whiny, attention sucker of a child. He demands attention, he comes across a child that a lot of people would love to see killed by the Strogi, and given how many have been killed we would like to see him added to that list. The whole story arc involving him just feels like it was jammed right in, it doesn’t feel like it truly adds anything to story other than to distract you from what we all want to see. It is those times that feel like it is time to shut off, look at your phone while it plays out.

Now there has obviously been changes from the books, of which I have not read. But I do know that Dutch is a character that has been added to the TV show. At first, it was fine, but her coming back into the fold feels a little bit out of character. She was this free spirit who only had her eyes looking forward and nothing else. Yet she comes back, engages in a fling with Goodweather, which, quite simple, was cringing to watch and is nothing more than filler to flesh out the show.


THE STRAIN -- Pictured: Max Charles as Zack Goodweather. CR: Michael Muller/FX
Please Kill this kid in Season 4, please his annoying. 



My god, I enjoyed some of the deaths in this show. Brutal, raw and mightly enjoyable. The only gripe was Quinlin escaping the ancients lair when Eichorst dropped off the nuclear bomb. That scene was almost a great fight scene if we had seen a little more from Quinlin, but the mid-air decapitation was just a joy to watch. The ways the group had to deal with infected people they meet, whether they knew them or not was raw and ruthless, as it needed to be given they had dealt with them now for over a month, within the tv shows timeline.

There are several reoccurring characters who die in this season. Nearly all of them are a great way to go out and the show really makes it worthwhile to invest in these guys stories so when you get to the end it is rewarding and feels like you have enjoyed their journey, who I will not say, I am not ruin everything. But their stories feel complete and whether you do not want them to die or you do they go out in a blaze of glory, quite literally in one case.


Overall this season is better paced, better laid out, more enjoyable, not so boring and doesn’t drag anywhere near as bad as season 2. There is plenty of action, more backstory added to some of the characters, but not too much that you then do not care about them anymore.

But overall it just a much more entertaining package and I hope this ends fantastically when the show finishes at Season 4.


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  1. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after browsing through a few of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m certainly pleased I came across it and I’ll be bookmarking it and
    checking back frequently!


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