Thoughts On PSVR


The problem with the PSVR is that it can leave you thinking will there ever be something that isn’t just a 20 minute experience? i wasn’t so sure. The games are not full games, for example when playing London Heist it starts off well but lacks a full story and even a full game experience, it feels very much like a few scenes have been put together for you to try, the same can be said for most of the games (especially the ones on the PSVR Worlds game disk) and while the best game i tried so far was Batman VR it too felt like a very short not enough in-depth kind of game.


Now i can’t profess to know a lot about technology (i buy something, it works so why would i need to know the ins and outs). But the PSVR somehow manages to trick your brain into thinking that you are in the game that you are currently playing. I may not overall be sold on the whole VR aspect but what is impressive is the 360 viewing angles on the PSVR, no matter where you look around you (believe me i tried to catch it out a number of times) up, down, left, right, centre quickly looking around, the game world you are in keeps you there, even if it is only for 20-30 minutes at a time.

Maybe it’s too early to tell but the biggest downside to the PSVR is it’s lack of proper games, something like Assassin’s Creed or a full Batman game would go a lot further. It’s difficult to tell at the moment if the PSVR is going to take off and eventually become mainstream, while it is fun for a quick casual experience the games aren’t going to capture the enthusiasm of the more serious gamer at least not in their current form.
The only game that has so far come out with a full experience is Resident Evil 7 (apparently you can play the entire game with the PSVR headset) if other games follow suit then it may be that the PSVR becomes a more serious gaming accessory, but for now it’s difficult to recommend, other than the initial wow factor of being inside a VR world there are no full game experiences. If this changes i will be sure to update my thoughts.

Frankly it wasn’t a terrible experience more lacklustre that leaves you thinking does VR have anything more serious to add to the gaming world?


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