Love season 2 review 

If you ever have a free Weekend I suggest binge watching this brilliant Series on Netflix about complicated relationships.

Season 2 starts where season 1 left us which was mickey and Gus at a gas station in which mickey is trying to explain her situation then comes the awkward kiss.

Mickey and Gus do make a cute couple, but  I do find that mickey at times becomes quite insufferable like when she is going through other people’s stuff when she is house sitting and what she does in the last couple of episodes is very questionable to me, when she goes off the rails a bit, if a man did what she did he would be Crucified for it so just because she is a woman doesn’t make it ok . Gus does seem very eager to please a lot of times which I can see why some people would find that very annoying and I can see why mickey does find him condescending and a bit much at times but when these two are good they are really good together and some of the best scenes are of mickey and Gus together.

This series does go deeper into mickey’s addictions and Gus self-doubt and we even get to meet mickeys dad, who explains a lot why mickey is as messed up as she is.

There are a few episodes where it feels like its dragging on a bit, but it pulls it back again in the next episodes and by the end of the season you are left wanting more.

Don’t expect a typical happy ending as love might be in the title but it’s certainly isn’t your stereotypical love story with a predictable ending. This is a story of a relationship that at times is awkward and has many bumps in the road to happiness.


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