Skyrim Remastered Edition review.

Now before I start I will get the obligatory stuff out of the way. I played this on my Xbox one, with my own copy, and I did play the game on Xbox 360 when it originally came out.

I won’t be dwelling too much on the story of the game, or even how the real contents of it, quests etc. The reason been most people reading this probably already know about it all, and I am sure other reviews have covered it, and hell you may as well check out the elder scrolls wiki pages for content stuff and story in the game.

For the purpose of this review, I will go into the mechanics, the upgraded graphics, the draw distances etc.

I will say one thing, the console version will always, even with a PS4 pro, be dogged by technology and hardware that is already out of date. See the PC version of GTA 5 and compare it to the PS4 and Xbox one version to see the difference. The main things that make you buy this game are 2 things. 1; did you not get your hands on the DLC the first time, this has all three in the game. 2; if you loved the game so much, ditched the last gen console you had and missed the game.

The graphics will draw in console gamers, it is the main reason why Microsoft and Sony are introducing, or in Sony’s case have introduced, 4K machines. Yes, they have improved dramatically. As you start the game and leave Riverrun you go over the crest to Whiterun and instead of seeing a very rough outline of the landscape you will see Whiterun in its splendour from a distance. However, this may seem good but a PC player has had these views since the game came out on high settings, hell the 4K versions in Ultra high settings were around a year or two before this remastered version appeared, thanks in part to Mods you can get on the PC.

There are still some broken moments and long loading times, these can be easily looked up online. The main bug I encountered been for a Thieves Guild bedlam quest, if I was ever sent to Raven Rock it was impossible to complete and I had to quit the job, which is annoying and surprising it was never fixed as I had the same issue on the 360.

Are there still issues, yes, but you will always get that issue with Bethesda games. However they do make up for it with how often they patch a game, it is, nowadays anyway, rarely game-breaking and given how massive the game is it more than makes up for the odd bug and glitch withing the game. I will always recommend anyone tries an Elder Scrolls game, and this is no exception.


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