My favourite designs on project runway 

As Netflix has recently uploaded season 7 and 8 of one of my favourite shows I thought now would be the perfect time to talk about a few of my favourited outfits designed by some very talented designers but you have to bear in mind that I can’t mention every outfit I love as they been a lot of outfits that I wanted in my collection and a lot of seasons. So I made a list of 10 of my favourite outfits.

Daniel Vosovic, season 2, episode 14

This coat is so chic and elegant, it’s the kind of coat that you could dress up or down. I would wear this outfit with a pair of black heels, sheer tights and a cute little black dress.

Rami Kashou, season 4, episode 14

The moment I saw this dress on the runway my jaw dropped, it is a beautiful dress but what I really loved about the dress are the little details at the top of the dress and way it drapes.

Victor Luna, season 9, episode 14

I love how effortlessly cool this complete outfit is, it’s an outfit I would love to own, especially that amazing white jacket.

Anthony Williams, season 7, episode 11

This dress is gorgeous and looks good from every angle. I would happily wear this dress for any special occasion.

Sean Kelly, season 13, episode 8

This dress definitely has the wow factor, and it’s incredible to watch it change colours in the rain. It’s not something I would wear myself as I might get a few funny looks if I was to wear it on a rainy day in the playground on a school run but I can appreciate the fantastic and inventive design of the dress.

Christian Siriano, season 4, episode 14

There’s only one word I can use to describe this outfit and that’s fabulous. I not usually a fan of a lot of frills but I can’t help but love how girly and romantic the style of this outfit is.

Emilio Sosa, season 7, episode 15

The way that the dress glistens and shines is beautiful. I do also love the way it flowed so smoothly when it came down the runway.

Leanne Marshall, season 5, episode 14

It’s an enchanting dress with such a striking colour. It’s a certainly a treat for the eyes and my favourite dress that Leanne Marshall made for her final looks on project runway.

Kelly Dempsey, season 14, episode 7

To look at this dress you would not believe that it is made of aluminium tubes. This dress is a head turner and would be perfect to wear on a night out in the town.

Rami Kashou, season 4, episode 14

This dress is unbelievable and absolutely stunning. It’s a show stopper for sure, and so has much detail to it, I could literally just stare at this dress all day.


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