Should Witches of East End be renewed finally for a 3rd season?

Having recently revisited this brilliant tv show on Netflix it got me thinking about why this series was never renewed for a third season. It had so much buzz around it and ratings didn’t really decline that much, and now that Netflix has brought the series there could still be a possibility of another series. Personally, I do think it was a mistake for Lifetime to cancel this series, especially since the end of season 2 still left so many questions unanswered.

Ok, I admit the second season wasn’t as good as the enchanting first season but the second season still had its charm and I do love a good show about witchcraft and I had not seen a show like that since charmed. Witches of east end does have a lot of similarities of charmed like the love triangles, family drama with a pinch of magic. I was certainly hooked after watching the first season and couldn’t wait for season 2.

I know I’m not the only one who was disappointed that the show was abruptly cancelled.

If you agree with me there is a petition you can sign, I will post the link below.


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