The Crown Season 1 review

Beautiful, poised, elegant, serene. Are 4 words that would go with most television shows of this type of nature,  that are done well. Now given the fact that I have been, well especially about one show, negative. I may be the same or I may decide to be nice. But let us start off the bad points.



Now if you want action, excitement, hell if you want to Netflix and chill, do not under any circumstance choose this show to do it too. This is not a show I would even say you can watch with friends, and I mean the type of friends who ask questions. This show requires your full attention, if you snap out of it for a few minutes and not press that pause button you will end up having to rewind, you will be asking yourself what have you missed. To follow what is happening, as indeed with any show around politics, plot lines intertwine and mould around and through other plots. So it can be quite complicating to follow. The intrigue and political storm of Princess Margaret and Captain Townsend how it wraps around the Queen and the Crown, how it cause its frictions and raises issues thought buried around the previous and abdicated King Edward VIII. Parliament getting involved and themselves having their own delicate issues to resolve. This is all in one thread of the storyline. Now it is not in anyway all bad, but for some people, I can see it been a big put off.

Next up for things that bothered me about the season was the fact despite it been 10 episodes long there was that feeling of one or maybe two filler episodes. Mainly episodes seven and eight felt like things we been stretched to meet the ten episodes. Several reasons could have been for this, one that sticks to mind is one guy wrote it all, whether Peter Morgan had a team behind him or not for this season.



Well this show, despite needing your full attention, deserves your full attention. As I watched, sometimes with my partner next to me, one thing she did point out was the clothing and decor, the environment, and for me even how they mould the actors into the black and white images from the original footage, it seems, were quite magnificent and a true splendour to the eyes. Three out of the four words I used at the very start of this review easily could be used to describe what greets you when you start watching this show.

The acting is just so on point you see why it gets the nomination and wins it does. Poised and serene can be used to describe Claire Foys beautifully crafts an amazing performance of the Queen. Yet somehow John Lithgow just takes the scenes and makes them his own, with his portrayal of Winston Churchill. A role that is not at all easy to pull off. His arrogance, determination and even at times reluctance to do what others find correct. But his light truly shines during big speeches and moments in the season. For an American Actor to pull off the accent and not sound like someone trying to do what most Americans seem to think we sound like makes it more amazing how he does it.

Finally how on point historically it is, yet it keeps you engaged enough to not make you go on Wikipedia to just find out what happens next anyway. The only been the final refusal to allow Townsend and Margaret to marry when in real life the PM and the Queen were trying to find every which way around the Royal Marriages Act 1772 they could. Other than that it was accurate from a historical viewpoint yet was entertaining enough to keep you wanting more, and to stuff going to bed and just watch any one and another one.

Overall this season is one fo the best tv shows that came out in 2016, despite me doing this review in 2017, I wanted to watch again with my partner and fellow writer here on the blog.

I once opened up something called the shrine, during one of my youtube videos for the Flash season 1 reacti. This season of the Crown is so good, it worthy of a watch by anyone, even someone that may think it is just another pride and prejudice or something like that, I assure you it is not. The Crown season 1 is entering my shrine of shows you can watch again and again. Shows that you want to revisit when a new season comes out or shows that you go back to every so often to rewatch.



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