How I would improve: The 12th Doctor.

God, I am gonna get some abuse if this post ever gets viral, popular. Unlikely though so lets getting cracking. The doctor, yes that who I think needs improving. I went after the Daleks that have turned into toy pepper pots that are about as scary as a Robby Rotten off of Lazytown. Also, the weeping angels that were a great concept then used over and over again and now make cameo appearances like a celebrity who had their day and are going into the Big Brother house to try and help revitalise their career.

For the record, this is one particular Doctor, the 12th Doctor. Why do I want to improve, its simple, I do not think it was up to par. Now I am in no way blaming Peter Capaldi, he acts as instructed by the Director and says the lines given to him by the Writers, he brings the personality from the paper to the screen. But, holy cow it is bad at times.

Peter is leaving the role after the Christmas special at the end of 2017, in case any reads this blog post anytime after that thinking what the hell we got a cracking person playing him now, what the f’in hell are you talking about.  However, he has resided over the worst episode of Doctor Who, in the new era, that I have witnessed. The Robots of Sherwood, which was terrible, and I am seriously been polite there.

Anyway I forgot to get into the rules:

  • Big events still happen, like Missy (I will get onto this travesty in a future how I would Improve!)
  • When he finds Gallifrey and how he does it remains the same.
  • I will not be changing any story lines, this is about how he interacts and his personality.



He has a no-nonsense look so why wasn’t this relayed into how he behaves.


As I just said it is this Doctor’s persona that irritates me the most. We still get moments of run for your life, which has been used so much in the previous three Doctors that it is boring and lacks any edge of fun and just makes it predictable. The Doctor doesn’t ever feel like his in true peril. Even assuming control of Davros’s seat in the Witch’s Familiar and zooming into a room full of Daleks it was like the writers thought, you know what stuff them. It is only Daleks, who cares. Well, fans of the show care, having all this positiveness may be enjoyed by a fair few. Yet after it gets rammed down your throat episode after episode you want to puke it back up.

This doctor needed a sense of anti-hero about him. Kill the moon where he leaves the decision to Humans was a nice touch, he knew what was about to occur and stood to the side and let them get on with it, despite the insistence of Clara, who became terribly annoying in series 9.

More highlights have been the determination in Heaven sent to work out the trap and find a way through it to get to the finish line. The sort of determination that we would want to see from the enemies more often, to show that they are willing to go very far to win, again something they do not do, really, in the new era.

That ruthless streak needed to show a hell of a lot more. A show of ‘get on with it, I am old’ type, given that he was 55 at debut, was something they could very much play on. Which they did not. This tieing into all that running from just about everything they encounter made it less fun that previous Doctors.

All in all missed opportunities, stories that a child of the show, given the fact it is a FAMILY show, thought I would highlight that point, could not follow. Why, because they could not wrap their heads around the confusing story lines and plot that weaves its way through the series in recent time. Hell, even grown adults were struggling to get their heads around what actually happened, so how the writers expected the children to follow is beyond me.


I hate those shades!


Silly devices like the sonic shades which almost felt like a desperate attempt to keep hold of more casual members of the audience. Silly episodes like the Robots of Sherwood, I will say it again the worst episode of the new era, Mummy on the Orient been another episode that was just as frustrating to watch, even cringe-worthy.We never see his own personality come out.

We never see his own personality come out. Clara almost takes over that, this Doctor would have been best suited to been on his own, a ruthless problem solver who solves it then moves on. He’s too old to be attached, his too old to be dealing with petty games, his too old to have to babysit someone because they want to go running off with him to see the universe. This side of the Doctor is something we rarely see, and something that should have been seen from the 12th Doctor.


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