Christine (2016) review 

I have to say watching this movie I was taken aback on how good Rebecca Hall is, she truly embodies the role completely, they couldn’t of picked a more perfect person to play the role of Christine Chubbuck, the television news reporter who sadly took her own life by shooting herself live on tv on July 15th 1974.

You can clearly tell by watching her in front of the camera that she struggles to connect with other people and sometimes appears to be cold, abrasive and even forces herself to smile a few times. Christine is so determined to get that promotion and recently put herself in the front line of every tv report but never seems to succeed with her boss, who is more bothered about what the ratings of the show are then a woman in front of him clearly desperate for his approval and recognition.

She also has a crush on the very charming anchorman, George, played by Micheal c hall, but never seems to let him ever get that close to her. 

The scenes where she is at home, in her apartment where she shares with her mum, peg, are where you can really see crumble in her own misery.

It’s never explained why she pulled the trigger on herself on that fateful tragic day and why she felt that they were her only option and guess in a way we never will.


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