The edge of seventeen short review 

I had so much fun and laughed so much watching this movie. It’s certainly is a movie that speaks to anyone who has been or is going through the awkward teen years.

The movie is about Nadine, an abrasive, emotional, smart witty teenager who you can’t help but sympathise with. After losing her father to a heart attack, the man who she looked up to and adored and a mother who clearly doesn’t understand her Nadine starts to struggle with life in general and to make matters worse her older brother, Darian, starts to date her best mate, Krista. This is when we get to meet her English teacher, Mr Bruner, played by Woody Harrelson when Nadine starts invading his personal time at lunch to tell him all the emotional issues and anything else she might want to talk about. The scenes between Nadine and Mr Bruner some of the funniest. I can really see why this film is quickly becoming a teen movie classic.


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