A series of unfortunate events review

Based on the best selling novel by lemony snicket comes a dark tale about 3 orphans, violet, klaus and sunny who are placed in the care of the evil count Olaf after losing thier parents in a fire.               

I must warn you that this story is a story with a happy ending as you watch these three kids go from one bad situation to another, it certainly lives up to its title.     

Firstly I gonna tell you what I found great about this series, and what I loved about it. The children are fantastic are fit thier roles perfectly but not quite as good as Patrick warburton as lemony snicket , I thought he brought the show so much class and plenty of laugh as well. I also liked the way dark undertones of the series and how every theme tune was slightly different in every episode.             

The things I didn’t like about the series is how bad the cgi , it’s almost laughable at times. I also wasn’t sure on Neil Patrick Harris as Olaf. The scenes where he was slightly goofy but also sad he was fantastic but there they were scenes where I felt he was a bit over the top and reminded me too much of another character he plays, Barney Stinson, minus all the woman round him and the famous playbook.                                      

It was an enjoyable watch and I do recommend it to anyone who loved the books by lemony snicket as it is very faithful to the books. It was just not one of my favourite shows to watch on netflix. 


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