Manchester by the sea review

The film that took last years sundance film festival by storm and is a sure fire hit at the Oscars this year is a film about a mouthy handyman, lee, who clearly has had a hard life, who becomes the guardian to his 16-year-old nephew after his brother suddenly dies.

From the flashbacks to a much more happier lee on the boat with his brother and his nephew, and the flashbacks with his wife and kids, to the present day in which lee is a completely different person, he is angry and avoids any sort of human emotions, it’s almost as if he completely closed off from the world and has given up. When you finally learn the reason why he has become that man you understand why he hates life so much. He is a man who suffered unimaginable loss and so much grief for one person to handle, and he blames everything on himself.  You see the pain in his eyes as Casey Affleck takes you on an emotional rollercoaster that is Lee’s troubled life.

It’s a heartbreaking movie about loss and the loneliness that comes with grief.


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