US medical resident Olivia “Liv” Moore becomes a zombie, after going to a boat party and being scratched, she wakes up the next morning inside a body bag. Having lost all ambition until she begins to work in a city morgue, a place she can eat victims brains to keep her alive, they also help her to keep humanity. The series is based on DC comics series of the same name.

“Liv” soon finds out that her new eating habits can be used in order to help the police solve murders. iZombie is far from a serious Walking-Dead style series, it has witty banter style humour with a little side order of darkness that ensures the series doesn’t take itself too much to heart.
Other than it’s zombie genre focus, what makes iZombie stick out from the other Zombie focused programmes, is the procedural element of the series.


Her partner, detective Babinaux, is very much on board with her “psychic” ability. The setup falters occasionally when Liv has to explain away (fortunately it’s rare) bursts of tunnel vision. Full on Zombie mode. Liv being dead causes a number of problems (as you would expect) and with only five months since she “caught” Zombie, Liv still has a human life to balance along with her true Zombie one, and they are full of people who think she has post-traumatic stress disorder. That includes her roommate Peyton, her boyfriend (and now ex) Major Lilywhite, her teenage brother Evan and her overbearing mother, Eva. The strange thing is that at no point does anyone think Liv’s pale look is the result of something other than the PTSD, which is the biggest leap in a series about zombies. Other episodes in the series have Zombies going out of their way to maintain their appearance. Throughout the first series Liv wrestles with and begins to learn howe to control her new found zombie nature, the irony is that Liv gains more life experience being dead than she did being alive. The small glimpse we get of human Liv is just enough to keep the audience watching. The personal lives and interactions are enough to have most people yelling at the TV screen.
It’s clear that if you’re going to be a zombie in iZombie, you need to be very dynamic, something that Liv and her enemy/sire, Blaine DeBeers has no trouble achieving.


iZombies strengths are pretty simple, the cast is brilliant, the dialogue is witty, fast paced, all of this flows between both series 1&2 and it does it well. The stand out episode was the series 2 finale, as a whole it was excellent. It sets up a bigger, better, darker season three. The comedy is what sets this series apart from shows such as the Walking Dead. Overall I enjoyed both series, as well as the plot but standout episodes include Cape Tone, Zombie Bro and of course the series 2 finale. Overall the series works well and personally, I’m looking forward to series 3 which is due to start on US television in April of this year.



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