Batman The Telltale Series Review

Now before I start the review, as I do with all games review; I played this game on the Xbox One version of the game.

This game, been set over 5 episode was a joy to play. Now for those who love action and been in the thick of it, this game may not be for you. But if you love a game that goes around top quality stories and brings you closer to the game through each momentous moment of the story well this maybe for you. Now before I start going off on a tangent let us get into the good and bad points, this time we start with the bad.


Now as I eluded to at the start if you like a game with combat to get into, then this may not be for you. Why all the action sequences are just a flick of the thumbstick or a press of one or two buttons. It does not involve any sort of strategy to think about, just make sure you execute the moves you are asked to do quickly, fill up your special meter and off you go. The most you do is move batman around a room selecting items of interest to look at and examine further. So from that standpoint, it can be tedious to some.

The next problem is more of a die hard fans sort of issue. They do not really follow origins that most fans of the Batman series will know. At no point, so I ever recall, Oswald Cobblepott been friends or associated with Bruce Wayne. Now I could be wrong in that. I did not read every comic. But it seems some origin stories are probably been put in there to freshen things up and make even hardened Batman fans think about where it is going.


Now while a lot of the animation series voices, and subsequent Batman Arkham games voices, are not used in this game. I think it adds a little refreshment to the game. The are still well voiced. The little cameos of certain characters is a lovely touch. This adds a nice set up for more series of Batman by Telltale. Much like they are doing with the Walking Dead and other series’. It allows them to be expressive, drop hints and clues as to possible future stories.

The story arc of the game is well paced. Now obviously I am concentrating on the story as it is the main reason to play the game, but the story is well thought through. It’s not rushed it feels like a climax has been reached and all lose ends regarding Cobblepot are ended, barring future, his escaped prison story lines that do occur a lot in the Batman stories, even occurs in this particular story, but to a different character.

Now this game, which includes all 5 episodes, yes it is short. I did it in under 10 hours perhaps less. But it is simple. All Telltale games are all about the story. Only unless you are doing a massive open world game do you need more than the one story arc to think about? There are no side quests in this game. It is all about the Batman and Cobblepot story arc. This game is definitely worth a pick up if it is under 20 to 30 pounds and you love a really good story to immerse you into the game and the world around it.


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