Top 5 TV moments of 2016

While it is true that there have been disappointments in the world of TV in 2016, there have also been some good and some brilliant moments and shows, here are my top 5 TV moments of 2016.

Number 1 – David Tennant as Kilgrave in the Netflix original series Jessica Jones. The moment when Kilgrave stands in a police station, telepathically controlling all the police officers and getting them to point their guns at each other. The scene is brilliant for a number of reasons, David Tennant as Kilgrave doesn’t need to shout in order to be scary, he comes across in a charming but yet sinister way, this scene proves it when he utters the dialogue  “to show you, what I see, that I’m the only one who matches you” while standing in front of Jessica Jones.

Number 2 – Mr’s Browns Boys is the comedy series that doesn’t take itself to seriously. There was a live episode that aired in 2016 and was one of most funny episodes so far, the stand out moment was when they went off script “Rory have you seen Mr’s Murphy’s pussy? it’s been missing for 5 days, it couldn’t get back in cuss her flap was frozen” it’s moments like this that make the series stand out from other comedy shows. Mrs Browns Boys is well worth a watch.

Number 3 – House of Cards, Frank Underwood becomes president. The ending scene to series 4 was one of the best drama scenes of the year. Frank Underwood simply looks into the camera, while his wife Clair Underwood sits next to him and looks on, “We don’t submit to terror” he says looking into the camera lens “We make terror” he continues as he takes his eyes from the camera and gazes at his wife. It’s a simple scene, but the characters and the dialogue speak for itself. Netflix has done a brilliant job with their original shows. We can only hope this continues into 2017.

Number 4 – The BBC drama The Fall, has had its fair share of controversy over the last few years, and it didn’t stop with the series 3 finale. The series may have started slowly, but the last episode left everyone with the answer they wanted, would Paul Spector survive? After the attack on Gibson and being sent back to the mental health ward, he was being held on, Spector saw his change, caused a riot killed one more person and then put a clear plastic bag over his face, tied a belt around his neck and hung himself from the door. It was the ending that robbed Stella Gibson of the justice she so desperately wanted to see happen in a court of law.

Number 5- Red Dwarf returns to our screens, after the successful and funny 10th series, the cast took some time out before returning to film series 11 of the popular series. Just as funny, with one-liners and a funny cast, it was brilliant to see the series return. A series 12 has also been confirmed, altho at the time of writing this, there is no official air date.


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