Jessica Jones a short review

With all the other superhero TV series that are out there, you might wonder why Netflix decide to take on one of the more obscure characters in it’s new original superhero TV show, but it soon becomes clear that Jessica Jones is something more edgy and not just a rehash of the typical superhero character. Brian Michael Bendis penned the comic book that introduced Jessica Jones which was written for an adult audience, one that was seeking a less black and white universe (someone like myself). Sex, heroes and violence, make it clear from the very start that the Netflix series, is aimed at the same adult audience that was introduced to it within the comic universe.

The very best compliments that you can give to Jessica Jones from the Netflix series, is that it understands what made the comic book series a success, a damaged hero who doesn’t want to use her powers (and also where the heroism can be found), the consequences of peoples actions and a brilliantly sociopathic yet creepy villain. David Tennant is remarkable as Kilgrave, in fact he could be inline for the best actor to play such a villain. His end goal may not be to destroy the universe, but his mission is much more creepy on a personal level. David Tennant’s genuine reaction to morals is very well played throughout the very first series.


There is something to be said for a super hero who isn’t just black and white, someone who isn’t suppose to be just good, but someone who is damaged and complex, yet somehow manages to do the right thing. Her avoidance of people less than pleasant attitude, violent outbursts and high levels of drinking, makes the character of Jessica Jones, not only rebellious but also a mixture of anti hero, while at the same time managing to be the hero (it makes sense when you watch the series i promise). The onscreen chemistry between Kilgrave and Jessica Jones is just brilliant, and the story refreshing, but be warned, you will watch the first episode, and before you know it, the entire series will have been binge watched and you will be screaming at the TV screen for more.


It could be argued that Jessica is a bit of an antihero, she isn’t responsible, makes bad decisions and keeps secrets, but the way she is played makes you forget that Jessica isn’t someone you would want your kids to grow up and be like. Without giving away too much, Jessica is recovering from some traumatic experiences, it is clear from the opening that she is past caring about whether people like her or not, a quality that is well played by Ritter (who plays Jessica Jones). Underneath her rough and defensive exterior is a character who is determined to get justice for herself and others (this is where the hero part comes into play at times).

Overall the series is very much one to watch, especially if (like me) you are tired of the clean looking, morally clean superheroes who seem to only do good things, rather than blur the lines and become more identifiable.


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