Doctor Strange movie review.

Well, given this was one Marvel film i was seriously looking forward to, given the fact it wasnt going to be all the heroes fighting their enemies in physical combat and never been hit by the henchmen. Doctor Strange was going to offer a superhero movie that would, obviously contain some fighting, but Strange would have to be smart knowing he didnt have the fighting abilities of those of Captain America, Hulk or Thor. In that case it succeeded, he used his smarts, his memory ability to remember key things and to battle his foes. 

But as we enter the good and bad points of this film, it was not perfect and yes there are, for me anyway others may disagree, issues with this film that do drag it down a little bit. But first i will keep it positive and start with the good points. 


This movie is enjoyable from act onr all the way to the mid and post credits. The story is simple, coherent and well thought through and executed. Now this is not without its drawbacks, something i will mention later on in the review. 

The villian was actually decent, for a marvel movie, this one time. He was well played, he had a reason for doing what he was doing. Finding out about the Ancient one and how she is what she is and not agreeing with it. Unlike other villians in the marvel universe which have been lifeless, dull and devoid of any sort of backstory. Something which DC, on the other, has locked down and nailed to perfectly.

As aluded to just, the acting is well done. The story is well delivered and the action and CGI are enjoyable, well done. The CGI is a joy to see, getting the mix of seeing a particular chase scene mixing in with the city been moulded and bent in a more inception manner. It is not the only scene, but is a certain stand out within the film. 


One main issue that bugged me was the begginning of the film, the first half and hour or so. Certain parts of character building, getting to know Doctor Steven Strange. What makes him tick when he was a surgeon was missed. Quite possibly some was cut, but i would of loved seeing an easter egg or a cameo of Steven Strange in a previous marvel movie so that we got to meet him before the accident. It felt like a missed opportunity. Possibly even an extra 30 minutes within the film may have done the trick. But it still felt likea chunck of his story before his accident was missing. 

My final issue is that the magic was not quite explained. Now yes how it works and how its harnessed was. But how it works within the current marvel universe. Why have we not seen snippets or little hints that it exists. Why have we not seen anything within any of the other films in the marvel universe that these magic elements have not been teased or even peeked at before that they do exist. 

This film was a well delivered, well written, well presented, well acted. Yes there are issues and problems with it. But been the fact that this was an origin film, and a film that added a very huge element to the MCU, that quite simply should of been added from the start, or at least earlier, was going to be problematic. Especially at this late stage in the current story arc going through the MCU.

This film is one to watch and enjoy. It is a film that is more aimed at Infinity War rather than the next or much much later. Yes it should of been done earlier, and yes it finally adds what is the final element to the MCU that was missing, especially those that have read the comics. But be glad we got it, finally, and now we can see the final straight to the end of this story arc, and hope the end it like the journey so far has been, very enjoyable indeed. 


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