Captain fantastic review

The first scene of the movie shows Ben teaching his eldest son how to hunt. Ben and children all live in the forests of the Pacific Northwest where the forest is thier classroom and they are taught many survival skills and train to be the perfect athlete. That is until thier sick mother, who suffers from bio polar, dies and they are forced to venture into the unknown of the wider world so that they can attend thier mothers funeral. This is where bens teaching do begin to unravel as they forced to face the world we live in.  

You do find yourself questing whether Bens parenting is either good or bad but that what makes this movie so great is that it does raise the question like that and in this modern day world of video games and smartphones, in which famililes are no longer social, is his way of parenting really that bad compared to today’s modern family.

This film also showcases a bunch of incredible young actors like George Mackay, Shree Crooks and Nicholas Hamilton. Virgo Mortensen is also excellent in the role of the loving father.

Overall I think this film has a lot of heart and is a brilliant original movie, it’s a breath of fresh air and my favourite movie so far this year.


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