Cafe society review 

Café society tells the story of a young Jewish boy from the Bronx named bobby, who is played by Jesse Eisenberg, heads off to Hollywood to work for his uncle who is a Hollywood agent. That is where he falls in love with his uncle secretary,  Vonnie, who is fact having an affair with mister big shot agent himself.

There is the first clique of a Woody Allen movie, the love triangle, also a very awkward scene with bobby and a prostitute which I’m guessing it supposed to be funny but to me felt very forced. There is plenty of good things for this movie though as there is plenty of beautiful scenery for you to feast your eyes on and the does also have a vintage charm too. Kristen Steward is surprisingly brilliant as Vonnie and there a few good performances from Steve Carrol and Blake lively but it’s Kristen stewards character who seems the most interesting and she and Jesse are great together on screen.

Overall I did enjoy this movie and if you ever get the chance to watch this movie I urge you to watch out for Kristen in this movie as she is by far the standout star of this movie.


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