Gotham Season 2 Review

Well, I know that this review is a little on the late side, but after season 1 I found that I have very little motivation to watch this season. It was to such a degree that I do not think I even did a review for season 1 on the youtube page. That is how unmotivated I was after the seeing the poor ending to what was an ok season 1 of Gotham.

Season 2 had more villains, evidence by the two halves of season 2 been called Rise of the Villains and Wrath of the Villains, respectively. But let’s get into the detail.


There were several good parts to this season. Overall it is an enjoyable watch, the acting is good and there are some quality episodes within the season that made you take notice. I myself thoroughly enjoyed the introduction of Mr. Freeze, and those two episodes showing his backstory and how he became him, and more importantly, for what reasons were well done and a highlight of the season.

The dynamic between Alfred and Bruce is still enjoyable and that development makes me want to see more, however, there is one problem, which I will go into later. Hugo Strange is cast well and is played well. You thoroughly believe that he will do anything to complete what is necessary, and he simply does not give a care in the world for his subjects, his work is the be all and end all of what he does.

The final thing was seeing Nygma turn ever more into the Riddler. Now this is one character along with the Joker that will be very difficult to do, he is a well-liked character and needs a certain degree of clever and witty with mad, ego sprinkled with simplicity. So far so good, however, as you may see in the bad section I do not hold up much hope for the rest.


Now the bad, and first off I need to get one thing off my chest, and I need to caps lock it. WE KNOW THAT BRUCE WAYNE WILL BECOME BATMAN STOP HINTING AT IT EVERY EPISODE.

Sadly they pretty much reference it near enough every episode, and by god it is annoying, we know we do not need it rammed down our throats. It has even got to a point that they have started doing it with other characters. Several times, in the second half of the season they reference Gordon taking back the city. There are numerous Joker references, even one or two towards Gotham needing a dark knight. It gets to a point where you literally cringe when they do it, please stop. Just tell the stories we know what Gotham turns into.

The stories within the season get quite poor, now the Edward Nymga story has its edge that it is not all bad. However, how they tease the Mad Hatter, how they bring in Azrael, even hinting at other Batman villains, was like trying to make most of the lesser known villains into one mold, and I hate it, the ending seemingly pointing to that. One thing I do not like it when writers do not even try tell the origin story of a character. Doomsday been a prime example. Now, sometimes they need to make changes due to been constrained, or just not having the technology or whatever to tell the story so changes are made, that I understand and completely understand. But when you almost appear to ignore the origins completely, to me, shows an inability to give a nod to the source material.

Finally, some if the story threads were just boring, nothing stands out from this season that makes you think, yes that was good. Mr. Freeze introduction in episodes 12 and 13 were enjoyable. But it was not carried through. I would rather they do 2 to 3 episodes showing how each villain comes to be, it would be more entertaining, with the central thread been how Gordon rises through the GCPD ranks, which is kind of happening.  But just is not holding my attention, or from seeing on social media and the internet not a lot of everyone else either.


This show has potential, but it is just been squandered and wasted, we have not seen Nymga love of puzzles to the degree it should be. Whoever they were teasing as the Joker at the start of the season was garbage, cheesy and made you want to vomit, and quite simply would have been more entertaining. Resurrecting Fish Mooney was cheap and felt like they were looking for something else, or new to add to Gotham, that was not from the comics. If you are going to do that it has to fantastic, you are dealing with a very popular source material, not something that die hard fans love but most other people probably has not heard of.

I would keep it simple, introduce the Batman gallery of Villains and side kicks, but be careful of age, so as Bruce Wayne is young, so are probably most of his future villains. Yet Victor Zsasz appears quite old, in his 30’s to be a future Batman Villian, and isn’t even the Victor Zsasz he should be. A killer who marks his kills and is obsessed with doing so because he got bored of his families wealthy lifestyle.

Again though stop making reference to things we know are going to happen, no more Bruce Wayne will be Batman for one.


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