Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Review

Well a new addition to the arrowverse, but more importantly a solid start to the show. That is one way to put it.

Now it is not without its flaws and issues, of which I will go through in due time as I usually do. But one thing it did give was a chance to really give characters, who perhaps played smaller or very sporadic parts throughout arrow and the flash the opportunity to shine on their own, an opportunity to flesh out their character show parts of the characters that would not have been shown if they were stuck up against the green arrow or the flash. First, though I will start with the bad.


The one major issue I had with the whole season was length, now next season starts the same week, I believe as the flash, arrow, and supergirl, so it is probably going to be a 20 odd episode long season. I truly hope this isn’t the case. Why, because even in the 16 long episode run of season 1 there were 4-6 episodes that were simple fillers, they were a little dull, and I am mainly talking the episode that did not include Vandal Savage. In my own opinion, this show would greatly benefit from it been more compact, 10 maybe no more than 13 episodes in a season. The season was about stopping Vandal Savage and when he was not in the episode I felt like something was missing from the episode, and that is a testament to how good I thought Vandal Savage was.

The other bad thing about the season was the almost lackluster attempt of a relationship between Ray and Kendra, it felt forced, inorganic, lazy. There were no hints at it before, so it gave a vibe of it been, ok we need something to fill said amount of time any ideas, oh shall we put these two in a relationship. Too many shows do this, well actually almost all shows do it in a way but you do not mind it if it feels organic and a natural progression. It annoys me when shows like this do it and you can blatantly see they have done it due to a lack of any actual ideas, like it’s a default for writers to use when short of ideas.


The whole storyline arc was enjoyable as a whole. Vandal Savage was menacing, hell at the very start he shows his vicious side by killing a mother and child, of which has more significance later on. Whenever the group went against him you felt like something could happen that would affect the group, someone could die, of which does. They were in danger when around him, and that made it good to watch.

Vandal Savage was well played, yes you saw him in the flash, arrow crossover. But he still felt menacing, he didn’t care about anyone but himself and that came across brilliantly and was fun to watch.

The twist and turns with Rip Hunter, how the crew interacts with him, how they warm to him and seeing his motivation and reasons for doing what he is doing kept me watching. Yes some Doctor Who fans, as I did at times thought nothing but the last centurion. However, as you go through each episode you forget about that bit by bit. You enjoy his character and root for him by the end.


It is a solid start for the show, it shows promise and a way for them arrowverse to venture into newer areas or places to visit, to keep it fresh and entertaining. A lot like The Flash is doing by entering the multiverse, it keeps it fresh and engaging.

My one issue is that, as I said before, it should be kept to smaller doses, it should not just  be in new ventures and environments and places as Arrow and The Flash, but it does not need pathetic, dull romance story lines. It is perfect for a 10-13 episode series, sadly I do not think it will end that way, but hopefully, it will not feel like they stretching the story lines, as it did at times with season 1


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