The Blacklist Elizabeth Keen’s Dossier


For those that have not seen the show or are still catching up on previous seasons (come on people) there will be minor spoilers ahead.

The Blacklist is a series that centres around FBI agent Elizabeth Keen and wanted fugitive Raymond Reddington. This newly released book, is a great companion to the TV series. It is presented in a file/dossier style format, it includes character profiles, redacted files, photo’s and handwritten notes by Elizabeth Keen.


The book itself is divided into sections, a short one on Raymond Reddington, this is mainly because not much information is known about Reddington (for obvious reasons). There are longer sections about the FBI, Blacklist itself, connections, and Tom Keen (those who watch the show will know who he is).


The book contains very detailed glossy pictures, as well as more in-depth information that viewers  of the show might not know. The information provided is very thorough and provides detailed backstory. If you are struggling to keep up with all of Red’s business associates for example, this book provides illustrated sections that appear as crime boards, mapping out the various connections between each of the players.


Because this is Elizabeth Keens Dossier, it contains the characters commentary sprinkled throughout the various pages, detailing her thoughts on characters she has interacted with throughout the series so far. She also poses  unanswered questions and if you are someone who likes to immerse themselves into the show, you will also find things that barely get shown on the TV series itself, such as in-depth lab reports, crime scene photos and suspect profiles, all of which only make a brief second showing on the TV show (which unless you are a very fast reader is not enough time to view everything).

Finally at the very end of the book, you will find an envelope with a very familiar symbol tucked away.


All in all this book is a great companion to the TV series, it is very well put together and should be well received by any fan of The Blacklist TV series.



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