Critics vs fans why the vast difference in opinions?

From time to time we get the critics saying one thing and the fans saying another. But with the new DC movie universe, not DC universe given the TV and movies are separate, the critics and fans have on both occasions have vastly different opinions.

So taking the scores on Rotton Tomatoes scores. The critics gave suicide squad on average 26%, the fans 70%, now given that critics, well a very small number of them, are over critical and will give a film a small number just make a talking point we could be safe to pop that score up a point. Similar story with the fans score, the fans will not be critical, they may have an actor or actress they love to bits and see everything they do as perfect, mainly to kiss ass so we can be safe to knock that score down a point. But why the vast difference?

SS rot tom score

Well, the general consensus of critics is a ‘muddled plot, thinly written characters, choppy direction’. So a lot of critics not liking the story, think the caliber of actors and actresses are wasted on bare thin characters and that the plot was all over the place, even in some cases nonexistent. Now these points, after watching the movie myself, are very hard to believe. Why do I say that well let me tell you?

For starters this film had one purpose, to introduce the characters within the film to the DC movie universe. This film was made so you meet and get some background to Harley Quinn, Joker, Amanda Waller, Deadshot etc, and for this reason, the film does it job perfectly. Now after the mediocre batman v superman film, a lot more pressure was placed upon this film to do more than what was intended. But even BvS had a vast difference between the fans and the critics, 27% from critics, 65% from fans.

Now you are free to check out our review of BvS here also our review for suicide squad below that:

Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition review

Suicide Squad Review (minor spoilers)

As you can see, if you check those out, that we give suicide squad a better review than we do BvS. Why because BvS is all over the place, it is hard to follow. Doomsday was terrible and it tries to do too much within the film that it just could not do within one film. Whilst suicide squad keep it simple, it is all about the characters, especially the scene within the bar shows how the characters interact with each other.

Now yes the story is simple, the ending predictable, and the trailers at times show too much. But that in no way constitutes it been rated lower than Batman v Superman.

The simple thing is that the critics themselves seem to have expected way too much of this movie.

Now that is just the surface, the next issue DC have with its characters is that the villains, as well as the superheroes, have a very in-depth background, one thing for me personally is what draws me to DC over Marvel, as Marvel in most villain cases lacks a lot of depth. Casing point been the films where except Thanos and Loki the villains are so poor, and so lack any depth in the character that you do not care what happens, you do not care that if they do something evil that it will result in something bad happening, and so no emotional connection. Unlike the Joker or Brainiac, or Darkseid or most other villains in the DC catalog where these characters have background and character and you know what motivates them, moves them, weaknesses etc. You become attached. However translating that across the screen is not exactly easy to do. People are still divided over Heath Ledgers Joker, the only ‘versions’ that came across best was the animated series, why because you had a vast number of episodes to get to know them, know how they tick.

Overall people, critics in particular need to give the DC movie universe time, this is not going to be a one movie home run. But Warner Bros need gradually get to the big stories like they are doing in the TV universe, gradual buildup. So chucking Doomsday and the death of the Superman storyline into BvS was a stupid move, for me personally beyond stupid and the first and only time I have held my head in shame in a cinema when Doomsday arrived on the screen.

As I said I  a video review, link in the Batman v Superman review, if Justice League is no better than BvS, if we are still talking about the same issues from BvS after Justice League then Snyder must go, but we all hope we get Darkseid’s arrival and a big fulfilling storyline in both Justice League films.


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