Armchair F1 Fan: Those 2 Rosberg Incidents

Now it has been a while since I have done an F1 related blog. Mainly because doing one after every race and just going through the race incidents was a bit dull, tedious and a lot of amateur bloggers, like me who enjoy F1 probably do the same. However, the issue regarding Rosberg’s two incidents gives me a reason for another. It is an actual talking point, that is divisive and provokes conversation. What I am going to attempt to do is say why I believe that Rosberg been penalised at Austria and recently in Germany, both very similar incidents, was penalised by the stewards.


Austria 2016
Austria 2016 Nico does not turn the wheel to make the corner, yet if you look closely at the black lines, some in front of Rosberg, it gives you a guideline as to the line he should be taking, of which he needs to turn the steering a lot more.



So first Austria, Rosberg, after the race, was given a 10 second time penalty and 2 penalty points on his licence. Why, because he was deemed to have caused a collision attempted to force Hamilton off the track, not giving him racing room, of which is deemed by the white lines. He had made a mistake in turn 1 taking too much kerb got late onto the throttle and allowed Hamilton a run at him on the last lap. Hamilton had a run on the outside of Rosberg, yet Rosberg never made an attempt to turn into turn 2 until it was too late, Hamilton turning into the corner trying to get straighten up the corner collided into Rosberg.


Germany 2016
Germany 2016: As you can see again nothing from Rosberg to make the corner, in fact, his so deep the rubber for the line in the corner is barely visible just above his right wheel, that would be the line he would usually be on, his no where near. 



In Germany he was on the attack, unlike Austria when he was defending, he cuts into the inside of Verstappen at the last possible second. Out braking himself he again makes no attempt to make the corner correctly, he again straightens up the car. This time, they do not collide but Verstappen has to leave the track to continue and avoid a crash.

Now the things you may notice from the description of the two incidents is that Rosberg was on the inside and that he straightened the car up rather than attempt to make the corner, or lock up his tires, which didn’t happen on either incident. Also both of them Rosberg was penalised. Some fans will say that Rosberg been on the inside he has the right to the corner and he gets to take the line that he wants. Now in most cases, this would be absolutely correct and you would get no argument from me. However, in both of these incidents, Rosberg does not attempt to make the corner as he would have done in a normal racing environment.

Now that is the most important part of all of this. The attempt to make the corner, the act towards the apex of the corner. It is the reason why on both occasions Rosberg was punished.


austin 2015
Austin 2015 Notice Hamilton turns to attempt to make the apex of turn 1 at Austin 2015

If we use Austin in 2015, we can even use Canada from 2016 or Suzuka 2015 as examples of how to do it properly. All were Hamilton against Rosberg. Some fans of Rosberg’s say this is an example of why Rosberg should not have been punished. Yet if you view the footage you will see that Hamilton attempts to make the corner, whether he makes the corner apex or whether he understeers as he does in Austin 2015, the attempt it made at the very least. In other words, the driver is trying to avoid any sort of collision of contact, and keeping Austin as the example, it was damp, slippery and the Mercedes, in general, struggled with front end grip in that entire stint on the intermediate tyres.


Canada 2016
Hamilton Canada 2016, following Vettel after the start, he is making the corner, this, in turn, gives him the right to stay on his line, which he does and Rosberg fails to back off, meaning he had to take the grass run off and lose places.


But as I said the main thing is attempting to make the apex of the corner. The fact that Rosberg does not turn into the corner or even attempt to turn the corner as he would do normally is too aggressive and even is possibly deliberate, more so in the case of Austria after making the mistake in turn 1.

What does he need to do to stop it, well it is simple. Try to make the corner, yes he may lock up his tyres, which is a sure sign of him trying to make the corner. But it demonstrates that he is trying to make the corner and that it is the car that is not allowing him too. Thus he would not be penalised.

I hope for, as probably all F1 fans are hoping for, a massive, fair, fight between the two, similar to that of Bahrain, as it seems to be bubbling up to that point. However for the Championship, given that Rosberg won the first 4 and Baku, and in the last 7 Hamilton has won 6, I think this race will hurt Rosberg the most and if Hamilton gets to more than a race win ahead I cannot see how Rosberg can win, in other words the next two races are critical to Rosberg winning the title. But if he doesn’t win it this year I do not think he will ever win it as long as he has competition  breathing down his neck.


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