The Killing Joke: A Short Review.

Now I am sure that some if you guys reading this review has probably read about, or even watched a youtube video about the #batsex, probably the best way to say it, really.

Now keeping it brief, this feature film is more or less split in two. You have your pre-comic, the first half an hour or so everything that happens is before the killing joke comic actually happens. Then you have the rest of the feature film which is the animation of the comic, with an addition of a song from the joker.

Now the second half, which follows the comic,is perfectly fine. It is enjoyable, engaging the joker, as usual, is fun and keeps you on your toes. The animation and how the turn the comic into animation is well done. So all in all very good.

However, the first part of the feature film is…..mmmm, how shall I put it, meaningless, predictable, unwatchable, cringeworthy, and perhaps more words to that effect. The voice actors are fine but to try and make you feel for Barbara Gordon just to try and give the moment she meets the Joker a more emotional emphasis is poor, it felt more like the writer was trying to play out a rather cringeworthy fantasy.

It is a real shame that this is the case for the first part of the feature film. I would of rather they would have expanded on what makes the Joker tick in this story. Why the Joker wants to do what he does, maybe even show other ways the Joker sees his origin as he says that “sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another…. If I’m going to have a past. I prefer it to be multiple choice!”If this had been explored more would have been really fun. But they didn’t and it, unfortunately, it makes it difficult to enjoy the feature film.


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