The nice guys review

Set in the 1970s in sunny Los Angeles, this slick action packed dark comedy is a breath of fresh air. Packed full of retro charm ,great one liners, and a nostalgic 70s soundtrack, you can’t help but love this movie.img_2524

Its begins with a young boy sneaking into his fathers bedroom to look at his porn magazine when all of a sudden we see a car crash into his home and a young woman lying on the ground, misty mountains, the very same woman that the boy was ogling at a few minutes earlier except she is all bloody and is dying.

Soon after we get to meet a bumbling often drunk private investigator Holland March, played by Ryan gosling and a tough guy named Jackson Healy, played by Russell Crowe. Thier very first meeting is lets just say not the nicest of meetings but thanks to Holland’s teenage daughter, Holly, who for me stole the whole film, the bromance soon starts to blossom into a great friendship. This is when the two bind together to find the missing girl, Amelia, with holly in toe.

The ending does feel a bit rushed but it’s doesn’t spoil the film, and I would be very happy to see these two stumbling into yet another crime then need to solve.


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