2 Broke Girls A quick season 5 review

Just a quick review of season 5, the latest season of 2 broke girls. As I had a weekend free I decided to try and watch the new season, which to be honest I had completely forgotten to watch as I had other better shows to fill my time.

If there is one thing I can say about this latest series is that like a lot of sitcoms that still get the views and make the money is that the show has become repetitive and the show seems to be so stretched out to the point that I no longer care about any of the characters or the whole show, even Max’s once witty lines are no longer hitting the comedy mark and are becoming more and more distasteful.

There were a few episodes that made me laugh, but for most of this season I found it boring as a lot of the jokes were overused, you could literally make a drinking game to the amount of times max jokes about how short Han is.

Season 6 really does need a fresh new spin on it as the show is started to get as stale as week old bread.


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