Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition review

Now before I say anything I have previously reviewed the film when I saw it in the cinema back in March, and to be fair I was a little generous. I will put the link below to that reacti I did a while ago.

Batman v Superman reacti review.

The video kind of goes into some of the problems I have with the movie, of which I went deeper in it by doing a follow-up video of How I would Improve it, because damn it needs improving, and can be done a whole lot better. Again link is below:

How I would Improve: Batman v Superman movie!

Now this video I went much more into detail, and one of the big things that stick out from it is the lack of story to add to the bare skeleton of the story that is in the film, the constant darting around from one scene to the next. It is something you expect from a tv show, as they have the time and resources, time been the most important here, to develop these 4-5 different story threads that go through this movie. The Ultimate Edition adds an extra h

The Ultimate Edition adds an extra 30 minutes to the run time, and to be fair does add a little bit to certain story threads within the movie. The attack in Africa at the beginning of the film gets more explanation around it. We see more Lois and Clark, and we see more of Clark Kent, taking on the Batman in his reporter role more, as in Clark goes to Gotham chasing up leads. However, it does not make this film feel complete, nowhere near. I said before I think this film, in its original form, was missing an hour maybe an hour and a half, 60-90 minutes that is if you kept the movie and its story as it is.


My biggest problem with this movie though is the whole Death of Superman arc that feels like it’s been rammed in there to add some sort of punch to the movie, to attempt to pull at the audience’s feelings and emotions, but it fails utterly and completely.

The Death of Superman story would be much more suited to DCU cleanser, a sort of Henry Cavill and others are moving on and you are thinking about recasting roles, or you simply want to stop the movies as they may not be making money anymore, as just a few reasons why that may be. This way you give the audience that kick one more time, you leave them on that note. Also, you do not then come out before the movie has been released and say they will be back for Justice League, and knowing Henry Cavill is going to be in that movie you just do not care that his died.

My other major fault is Doomsday himself, now I have read in places that people like Doomsday, however, I love DC comics, the immersion and back story you get in all characters, when in Marvel I feel the villains are just not given the same care and attention than the heroes, which bores the hell out of me, examples in the films been, Mandarin, Crossbones and Rhino from Amazing Spiderman 2, yes it was done by Sony but it’s still Marvel.

Snyder and the writers make absolutely no attempt to give this Doomsday the backstory he had in the comics. I understand changes are going to be made so that characters can fit into the world the teams that are making them create. However when a character’s backstory is changed completely, and the original backstory is not even attempted, yet, as they do in this movie, give him similar powers that are not explained, annoys me. His regeneration ability is not explained, no explanation is given to why he appears that way, or how his spikes appears when he is regenerating. If he created under different means he would look different, and he looks nothing like Zod or Lex Luthor. Plus the Doomsday origin story was so well thought through and delivered in the comics to completely ignore it is shameful.


Now I can’t go through the bad and not mention the good. The acting is well done, even Jesse Eisenburg, who some people did not like, was well done. I think he felt he did not fit into the story was more of a directing or writing issue rather than the actor himself. Ben Affleck was the biggest hit in this movie, his acting was spot on, his chemistry with Jeremy Irons as Alfred was brilliant and refreshing to see, with Alfred quips and subtle digs at Bruce Wayne.

With all Snyder movies, the action in the movie was well done, it felt natural and enjoyable, and even allowed the bad guys a few hits on the heroes, something I never saw in a Marvel movie unless it was the hero on hero fighting. The scene in the warehouse was the most notable.

Now my score, if you watch my video at the top, does not change. As I said at the start of this review, and even in the Reacti review video. I was generous, gave Snyder the benefit of the doubt.

One thing that this movie did do for me gave me a sense of wanting to watch the Wonder Woman movie coming up June 2, 2017, as they do tease a few things in this movie. But one thing that has to be said Snyder must actually screw it, MUST get Justice League correct, both parts. If we as DC fans are sitting here after both parts and saying similar things about Justice League then the DC movie franchise could be back to post Batman and Robin era, despite after the great work was done by Christopher Nolan. The first part of the Justice League movies due out November 17th, 2017. My Birthday, so it better be good or you could ruin my own birthday Snyder, and that I cannot forgive.


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