Orange is the new black season 4 review 

From the moment that it was announced that season 4 will be released on Netflix on the 17th June I was so excited and yet quite apprehensive as season 3 was very disappointing, considering the first season was pure genius, but as I watched the first episode I soon realized that I had nothing to worry about.

Season 4 has brought back the dark humour as well as more character development, even some of the guards get a backstory that’s just as tragic as some of the inmates.

The one thing that surprised me this season is how much I felt sorry for Piper, unlike in previous seasons I have found her whiny and very manipulative, but I couldn’t help but feel for her watching what she went through this season.

There is a lot of racial tension and the problem of overcrowding in the prison this season and it seems very clear from the start that by the end of the season that it was not gonna end well for the prisoners of Litchfield penitentiary.

There is a celebrity in the mix, Judy King, a southerner , who seems harmless at first but there is definitely more to her than meets the eye.

There are so many more story lines I could talk about from this season like Sophia been held in the SHU, desperate seeking help, Aleidas fear from going out in the real world and so much more. All I can see is go watch this season now as it will have you up all night binge watching till you reach the end. Now I want season 5 to hurry up so that I can find out what happens next.


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