E3 2016: What caught my eye

After watching, catching up and enjoying the press events at E3, all via Youtube I might add. I have rewatched trailers, gameplay footage and details regarding certain announcement that caught my eye, made me think about buying them in the future, whether at release or something when the price may fall, or even consider a pre-order of the item.


Now I will start with EA, and even though they were not ‘officially’ at E3 they did have their own press event not that far away from E3, so for the sake of argument they were.

I was so hoping for some decent gameplay from Bioware regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda, but instead we got some shocking, worthless behind the scene’gameplay’ trailer. Now there was a bit of a discussion on social media whether this was gameplay or not. Yes there was gameplay in the actual trailer, however, and my issue with it been, is that it was rendered in game engine gameplay, meaning this was like a cutscene within the game and not actual someone with a controller taking us around a level gameplay, which is what most people and me included, wanted to see.

Most of this press event went on and on about Battlefield 1, which to those who like fair enough, but not for me I am bored to bits of FPS (First Person Shooter) games, as they are pretty much all the same and multiplayer related. But one game that did surprise me was FIFA 17, as the ‘My Journey’ mode looks very exciting and well worth a new venture into FIFA, something I have not brought since 2013. So FIFA 17 was my highlight for the EA press event.


Next up was Bethesda, the press event I was looking forward to the most, been a big Elder Scrolls fan and Fallout fan. Now the later of those got excited from the new DLC, Contraptions, Vault-tec and Nuka World, and given the fact I love crafting things in games been able to make my own vault is very exciting. But to top that off they announced what we thought was coming, Skyrim re-mastered, updated graphics and animations, weather effects etc. That is having a pre-order from me, but the Fallout DLC was my highlight of the press event, but could have been Skyrim very easily.


Next was the very busy Microsoft press event, which to me was a good press event. I went in open minded, but my one massive concern with it was not a lot of games centred around other than multiplayer-oriented games, Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon, Sea of Thieves even Scalebound, all focused on the multiplayer aspect of the game, so for someone that just wants to explore worlds in games, go off on my own and do my own thing, enjoying the story that a game has to offer, create armours, buildings, weapons etc. There was none of that in Microsofts press event, which disappointed me.

The one that did peak my interest and catch my interest was the hardware announcement, now the Xbox one S was announced and it’s not that caught my eye, it wasn’t Project Scorpio, with its already outdated 6 teraflops graphics, the Nvidia 1080 already doing 9 teraflops. But the hardware announcement that caught my eye was the design lab for your controller. This been my highlight of the Microsoft press event, where you can personalise your controller, to a colour you want, back and front, personalise the buttons and colour of the bumpers and get it engraved with your Gamertag really caught my eye, and been that gamers love customization in games this is one step up.


Next up, and for me the biggest disappointment of E3, Ubisoft. Generally, their games look dull, uninspiring, boring, the same. Their VR games looked dreadful, graphically pathetic and again uninspiring. The one bright spark of the press event was the segments between the games,  and my highlight of the press event, South Park The Fractured But Hole. It’s look as funny as the Stick of Truth, the whole segment was entertaining and drew you into the game. This is a game that looks worth your attention and may possibly get a pre-order from me.


Finally Sony. Just after we posted our possibilities for the Sony press event Sony announced they would not be showing off the Neo. Given Microsoft announced that Project Scorpio was coming I thought they may have changed that view, this given that generally whoever gets their console out first sees the better sales. But nothing from them. Now this didn’t mean it was a bad press event it was enjoyable, but like some of the other press events VR featured quite heavily, and for those who do not follow me on twitter, I said it felt like they were bolted on Final Fantasy 15 getting VR for PS4, Batman Arkham, Resident Evil 7 been included too, and yes it may be a nice idea. But for me, and how VR seems to be working, from the Oculus Rift, you sit on your chair with a controller and wearing the VR headset, unlike the Vive from HTC where you are up and about really getting into the VR experience. The foremost been a waste of time, I can do the same effect in Fallout by sitting in front of my TV and swivelling the right thumbstick in the directions I want to go.

My highlight for this press event had to Detroit, the seeming amount of ways you can do a single mission looks mad and enjoyable, and something that tempts me to get a PS4.

E3 was enjoyable and yes I could talk about Nintendo, but I don’t care, I never owned a Nintendo machine, I am not starting now. My one issue with this year is the amount of talk about VR, it does not interest me. Yes, some of you will be interested in it if the games follow. Fallout VR, Batman in VR, Final Fantasy 15 and more coming, but the way it is working, and especially the Oculus Rift, it is just a glorified headset that you do not need to enjoy the game. You can play the game and enjoy just as much without an Oculus Rift. As I said before if you were ducking, diving and acting like you were Sole Survivor in Fallout to avoid the bullets, like the HTC Vive, then I would be more interested. But it appears more people are behind the Oculus Rift, and I just cannot see the whole benefit of playing a game through a £400 headset over a £400  HDTV which is better, and I already have.



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