The Armchair F1 Fan: Rosberg not happy

So after watching the Canadian Grand Prix, which was a tense race, see the strategies of Ferrari and Mercedes panning out and who would win out in the end. A lot of people, mainly Rosberg fans no doubt, will say that Hamilton was too aggressive, he pushed Rosberg off the track and this ruined his race. Well hopefully I can tell you what was right and what was wrong, even though with sport someone out there will disagree with me whether I side with Hamilton or Rosberg on the matter, and probably went mad that it was not investigated, which it was not by the stewards.

Now as Vettel got an absolutely blinding start and stormed past Hamilton on his left-hand side before the 1st corner, Hamilton defending from Rosberg on his left went into turn 1 neck and neck. However as Hamilton had the inside line for the corner he had right of way, and as the racing line took him to the right-hand side of the track to enter turn 2 it was always going to happen that Rosberg would run out of road and be pushed off.

Now people will say how is this different from the crash in Spain at turn 4, well for starters that was on a straight, and as Rosberg had lost 160bhp from his depleted battery, and, as stated by the rules if you get alongside you are entitled to space. The reason this is in place on straights and not on corners is quite simple, the speeds that are been achieved on the straights are greater than those in the corners and for this such reason you are entitled to space on straights to firstly, encourage overtaking. Secondly, that if you could move them off the track cars would DNF regularly. Thirdly, it is unsafe for the sport and puts drivers at risk from crashes that can be prevented. Also as I stated before, encouraging overtakes makes the sport a better spectacle.

The safety aspect of the argument kind of removes itself as the cars go at lesser speeds, and how much we hate the massive amounts of runoff in the corners, this is there so that cars can battle each other. Seeing this fighting in the corners makes a great show for the fans when it happens.

So all in all Rosberg, has yet again, not learnt from his previous battles with Hamilton. As when we see the roles reversed Hamilton reads that he can run him off the road and backs out of the corner, Rosberg does not seem to see this or is too stupid to know that any driver will do this to him.

But that was not the only mistake that Rosberg made, the second most notable was battling Verstappen at the end of the race and spinning the car as they entered the final chicane coming to the end of the second to last lap. He locks his rears and spins the car and only just managing to keep hold of his final position of 5th. On top of this with Hamilton winning the Grand Prix, the gap is now 9 points.

Now if you have seen, which I highly recommend if you desire, I do say that Rosberg has to win the title this year, given the record for those who win the first 4 races wins the title. Now if Rosberg fails to win the title this year after the start he has had, I truly believe he will never win it.

Now though after the last two races with Rosberg having bad races we can compare to the races where Hamilton had to start from further back and kind of use those to compare how each of them can come back through the pack and where they finish.

So if we use China and Bahrain, which were Hamiltons worst 2 results of the season, after a bad start and starting from the back in China. Hamilton finished 7th in China and 3rd in Bahrain. Compare that to Rosberg’s last two races in Monaco and Canada, where he was just outraced or could not get the car working, he finished 7th in Monaco and 5th in Canada, so over those two races, meaning both drivers have struggled in 2 races apiece, Hamilton is up by 5 points. So, if we play along further a little further, the next two races in Azerbaijan and Austria have Hamilton first and Rosberg second, it may not happen but this levels the playing, Hamilton would be 5 points ahead. So, yes, the title is up for grabs, but as I said the records are in Rosberg’s corner. So for him to be the driver to stop these long running records it can only affect him mentally in a major way.

Now for my Driver of the Race and I know most people have voted for Verstappen, and he could be a worthy winner of it, but for me I would give to Bottas, he kept his head down, got on the podium and drove very well to pick up that podium off Verstappen. The one thing that Verstappen is not for me, on a personal level, is the fact he ran 3rd most of the race and was unable to keep his tyres going for longer, while Bottas was able to in the Williams.


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